Electronic flash for Minox LX/C/B

Discussion in 'Minox' started by john_sonewald, Jan 27, 2000.

  1. DOes anyone know of a currently available electronic flash that is on a size comparable to the LX/C/B? One with an automatic mode or two would be great, but smaller size is more important.


  2. My understanding is that on an LX, the official Minox flash is
    automatic assuming your camera is set on automatic. The flash
    physically is very small, yet has a decent GN. I use a small
    autostrobe from Promaster at less than $50. It works with hotshoe or
    synch cord and is not elegant, but very effective. Martin Tai may
    have a tip or 2 for you!
  3. Along these same lines, can the round flash for the ECX be used with
    the B/C/LX with an adapter?
  4. The official 8x11 Minox flash is not automatic when in use with the
    TLX or LX. The shutter speed has to be set at 1/125 (GN12). When
    using ISO100 film, my tests showed that the subject has to be at a
    distance of 3.4 to 4M, Best is 3.5M. With the ND filter, distance can
    be decreased to 1.7 to 2M. The Auto Mode on the TLX is designed for
    flash cubes. If you folllow the flash manual, you will either get
    over exposure, or under exposure (heavy grains).However I think the
    color temp of the flash is too cold.
    To use the automode, try using the Hotshoe adapter, and the Minox FC-
    X or FC-S flash, set it to F4 (ISO100). The result is very good color
    temp is a little bit warmer, and the subject is more lifelike. You
    can set the TLX or LX to automode.A PC code can be used to connect to
    other flash on a tripod.
    The MINOX FC-X or FC-S flash are available seperately.
    Read the Flash section in this FAQ. I wrote something there about
    using the FC-X flash. You can also see some of the result in my
    personal gallery.(Also pictures using SB-28 Flash on Tripod).


    The ECX flash can be used for the TLX using the MInox adapter. But I
    suggest to use the 6X11 TLX flash for the ECX because it is flatter.
    I have both ECX and TLX setup.
  5. Sorry, typo error, the I suggest to use the 8X11 flash for the ECX,
    not 6 X11
  6. For Minox B, I'll second the small autostrobe with cord suggestion.
    If you get one with at least one flat side surface, you can simply
    hold the Minox against the side and make the exposure.

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