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  1. r s

    r s

    I ended up getting a Leitz ELDIA copier pretty much for free when buying a BELUN copy setup and I can't seem to find any instructions on-line.
    Does anyone know how to use this and/or have the original instruction manual?

    Batteries Not Included
  2. I do (both)! and the manual is even in English; e mail me if you want a photocopy
  3. r s

    r s

    Thanks, got hold of the two page manual and did a short write-up here: ELDIA.
    Would be interested in a) tips for film to use and b) other people's experience with this gadget.
  4. The appropriate film still exists: Kodak's Eastman Fine Grain Release Positive 5302. Used for making 35mm B&W movie prints. Sensitive only to blue light. There's also 2302, on polyester base, hard to find in anything but huge quantities.

    I once made a slide using a long-expired roll of microfilm, it came out fine. Developed in Dektol.

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