Ektar 100 Available!

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by nicholas_rapak, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Does this post need to exist? A lot of things are available for pre-order, it does not really mean anything. I guess "Ektar 100 now available for pre-order" would be too descriptive and not waste our time, though..
  2. (Link)

    This is the correct link...

    - Randy
  3. I was in Manhattan earlier today and walked right past B&H Photo. They are closed today and tomorrow for the Holiday but when they have it I'll know it's available.
  4. There is another active thread about this right now. A lot of people ordered it from Adorama, but they got an email that it was on backorder, and so it probably won't be available for another 10 - 14 days.

    I guess the good news is that in another 2 weeks or so, maybe other places will start to carry it too. I hope Freestyle will have it soon. Actually, I got an email from Freestyle about an exhibit from a landscape photographer on October 16. I'm planning to go, and it would definitely make my day if I could also pick up some Ektar 100 while I'm down there!

    Actually, maybe I should post something about the exhibit for people who live in southern California and could make it. It sounds like it should be pretty interesting. He takes photos of landscapes and abandoned buildings, and prefers using traditional film photography.
  5. Adorama now has the following note:

    "This is a New Item, Not in stock yet, expecting delivery from Manufacturer.
    Please note: You can order this now and as soon as it arrives we will ship it to you.
    We do not charge you for any backorded items.
    We only charge your card when we actually ship."

    So far, they're the only location to even have it listed on their Web site.
  6. Calumet Photo has had it on their website for at least a week. "Call for availability."
  7. It's funny that this post was made nine days ago, and that Ektar 100 still isn't on a single shelf.
  8. It was on the shelf at Keeble and Shuchat in Palo Alto, but I bought the last roll yesterday.
  9. Please share your thoughts on the film once you've tried it out.
  10. It's available at pictureline.com. My order was shipped today.
  11. Derek, they list it as, "Newly Announced Product : This item has not yet been released or has not been delivered to pictureline. Once the item has been released for sale an email will be sent to the "notify when in stock" email list for that product."

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