Ektachrome is officially announced

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  1. waiting for tests...
  2. I'm supposed to have some in hand on Monday.

    It will be Tuesday before I can shoot any, and with luck I can have processed film in hand by Wednesday, but more likely Thursday.
  3. I think I'll let the dust settle a bit before I get some, but I WILL be getting it.

    A shot from my first or second roll of Ektachrome in 1960:
    Fred LaRocque ND​
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  4. Well stored. Not as well as Kodachrome would do, but still quite impressive for a film as old as my dad.
  5. DSC_0467.JPG

    Not quite my first roll of Ektachrome, but close. This is my first roll in college, when I could actually afford to buy it myself.
    This is the view out my dorm window.

    E4 days, so Ektachrome-X or High Speed Ektachrome. I had some tendency to go for EH if it wasn't much
    more expensive, and not knowing the lighting conditions that I might run into. I think this roll lasted about a year.

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