Ekatchrome can't be far off

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  1. I see that Kodak has released some test results. Will we see the film soon?
  2. If the posted photos are truly representative of the film, I don't have high hopes.

    They have a bit of a Kodachrome look to them, and not the nice clean rendition I associate with E100G(X). The one portrait shown doesn't really even have good skin tones to my eye. Even though E100G(X) weren't as good in this department as films like EPP, Astia,or Kodachrome they still rendered Caucasian skin tones better than Velvia or even Provia.
  3. I was not all that impressed either, but we shall see.
  4. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I read elsewhere that the images posted didn't look all that great because they were scanned. I'm betting the new Ektachrome will be a winner.
  5. Regardless, I will be buying it.
  6. I'll be buying some too.

    With that said, E100G(X) is probably the easiest to scan slide film I've used, so looking bad due to scanning isn't much of an excuse. There are folks out there with lots of experience scanning slide film, and I'd guess Kodak has access to the best.
  7. Any chance someone could do the courtesy of posting a link to whatever photos you are talking about?
  8. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

  9. I wonder why they look so bad. Maybe due to Instagram compression? Notice that the Kodak logo at the beginning is also messed up.
  10. That could be it-even the photo of the flattened box looks bad.

    I've never used Instagram, but have seen enough with the instagram "touch" that I wonder if we're seeing some instagram "filters" accidentally applied.
  11. "We shall see"
    I shall hope, too.
  12. Damned post processing!
  13. Are we referring to the slideshow at the above link that zips by too fast to evaluate?

    Also, I am tired of having to sign out and back in to post on this site.
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  14. Yes

    Sign in and out every time? Not here.
  15. I have to say, I think these photos look just awful. Why would anyone choose this over Fujifilm Provia?

    I also often have to sign back in to post on Photo.net. I guess the login cookie has a much shorter timeout now or something.
  16. I never have to log in unless I clear.
  17. The old E100G had a very different look from Provia. As much as I like Fuji products, I was more likely to grab it over Provia when I wanted just a good, general use slide film(although nothing will replace Velvia for me).

    The sample photos look nothing like E100G, though.
  18. Kodak said they were just quick, uncallibrated scans to show that they are progessing towards the release late summer, early fall. They were quite clear not to judge the film based on the compressed scans for FB and Instagram.
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