Eizo S2242W - a word of caution

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by test1, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    just wanted to share my experience last week with purchase of new monitor. I was longing for some quality wide-gamut monitor that would still fit my budget of 700 eur. Initial candidate was Eizo S2242W. Found local dealer that had them in stock, went there to test. Monitor was connected to Mac-mini via DVI, and I've ran Eizo-own monitor test (http://www.eizo.de/support/monitortest.html). Out of the box monitor exhibited very pronounced banding in darker half of all primary color and gray gradients. The salesman expressed surprise and said that it's probably because of using stock profile rather than custom built. He offered that I should come next day and he will have monitor calibrated with i1Display. I was sceptical that it would help but agreed nevertheless.
    Next day monitor was calibrated/profiled to Gamma 2.2 and 6500K. Banding in red gradient was nearly gone, but in blue and green it was still clearly there. Worst, the gray gradient had ugly color rainbow effect with magenta and cyan showing up here and there. That was enough for me to walk away. Cannot say if it's general issue with this model or if particular sample was defective - they had only one in stock and haven't ran tests before. So in case you're thinking of getting S2242W consider testing it first in the store, or be sure you can return it and get money back.

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