Efke 820IR white spec issue every time

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by danny_rowton, May 15, 2015.

  1. Hi
    I get absolutely loads of tiny white specs on my 35mm format rolls of this film and it takes hours to clean it up. I have just bought a Pentax 67 but have only run two rolls through that and havent tried Efke in 120 yet. I generally use a Hoya infrared screw in filter but sometimes a Cokin IR filter, but either way the same thing happens. Processing is through Xtol but not by me (yet).
    I admit I haven't tried using a red filter, but thats because I have read that this is not the optimum filtration to bring out the best from the film. I appreciate the film is now discontinued but only last year (2014) so I dont think this issue is related to expiry dates.
    The aura effects of Efke are excellent, but it has to be said its actual overall 'quality' was somewhat lacking, and its supposed fine grain of 100 is quite frankly a joke when compared to the smooth grain of Rollei's ISO 400 IR film. That said, it can be a pretty close relation to the also discontinued HIE, if only it weren't snowing in every photograph....
  2. White specs on the negative or white specs on the prints? And if they are on the negative, are these white clear areas in the image or are they something physical adhering to the film.

    Clear areas on the image on the negative would be the result of dust, which could be dust in the camera that would land on any negative, or dust that's on the roll of Efke film, which would be a manufacturing issue. Specs of white gunk could be from processing.
  3. Hi. This is on the neg so black in hard form (though too small to
    see with the naked eye usually) or white once scanned.
    Its not the camera or scanner or anything else for that matter
    because this only ever happens with Efke. Its very frustrating as
    aside from this issue, I love this film, but its getting to the point
    where I might have to sell what I have left (cant return as faulty
    because its not fresh stock / been discontinued)
  4. I am making a few assumptions:
    1) You develop the film yourself; you do not send it out.
    2) The specks are a foreign substance on the film; they are not over exposed emulsion.
    Some questions:
    1) Are the specks on the emulsion side or the backing side of the film?
    2) Do you use exactly the same chemicals to develop the Efke as you use for film that does not exhibit this problem? By exactly the same, I mean developer out of the same bottle (if one shot mixed with the same water), stop, and fix from the same bottle of working solutions.
    3) How was the film stored? Do you store you other film the same way and in the same place?
  5. Hi Brooks. As stated I do not develop it myself so Im limited in
    chemical answers. It will be EXACTLY the same chemicals as
    other films that do not have the problem. I only EVER get this
    issue with Efke. Once in my possession, all my films are stored in
    my fridge, not just Efke. All films. Everything is exactly the same.

    The only clue Ive got is from what others have said about Efke
    820IR and that is it didnt have the highest quality control at the
    factory. I dont know if this was a contributing factor to its closure.
    Quite possibly.
  6. Hi Danny,
    I must learn to read; I saw the Xtol, but completely miss the "not by me" part.
    If it is the same chemicals, then it is not small particulates in one or more of the chemicals. That leaves the drying process, or the film itself. If the specks are on the emulsion side only, I would suspect the film, but I have never used Efke. By any chance, does the film have a static electric charge that might attract dust? Otherwise, you may be looking a poor quality control in manufacturing.

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