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  1. is there a mounting converter that will let a EF lens hook to a nikon F mount, and let the Nikon camera control the electronic aperture?
  2. There's no easy way to attach a Canon EF lens to a Nikon body - the flange-to-film/sensor distance of the Nikon body is larger than that for Canon. A normal empty-tube adapter would not allow the lens to focus to infinity; and one that contains optical elements would degrade the IQ of the lenses attached.
  3. Since the distance from the mounting flange to the sensor on a Canon EOS is shorter than that of a Nikon F Mount I don’t think you can mount a canon EF lens to a Nikon F body and retain infinity focus without optics in the adaptor to compensate. There are adaptors for mounting Nikon F lenses to EOS bodies
  4. Not only is infinity focus not available without additional corrective lens(es), but any electronic converter for aperture and focus would be very complicated. I don't have any idea what is actually available for EF to Nikon along those lines (Google™ is your friend), but I'm pretty sure you'd do better in terms of cost and utility to sell off the EF lens and buy a real Nikon F lens.

    There are relatively few kinds of lenses available in EF mount that do no have some kind of Nikon equivalent.

    I use lots of cross-mount lenses with adapters, but more for fun than actual utility.
  5. its just that Nikon and other companies charge an arm and a leg for the digital macro lenses in F mount
  6. Unless you NEED an autofocus macro lens, I would use an older manual macro lens.
    That is what I do. 55/3.5 Micro Nikkor.
    I do not shoot macro enough to justify buying an AF-S macro lens.

    Other option is the used market.
    Check KEH for used macro AF-S lenses.
  7. I would look for a used Canon DSLR body to use them with. Very capable slightly older bodies like the 18MP 7D or 550D (Rebel T2i) can be found quite cheaply. Even a camera like the 40D can give excellent results.

    Are they Canon lenses though? Older Sigma lenses are usually incompatible with DSLR's.
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  8. For macro, where infinity focus is not required, it could work, the problem is finding an adaptor.

    You could combine these two:

    K&F M12151 Bague Adaptation Objectif Canon EOS EF vers Leica M Mount Appareil Photo

    K&F M20171 Bague Adaptation Objectif Leica M vers Nikon F Mount Appareil Photo

    That takes you from EOS to Leica M, then from Leica M to Nikon F. It will be like adding a fairly large extension tube, so you'll only be able to work in macro ranges. Obviously, you'll lose all electronic communications, in fact all communication between body and lens, so if your lens needs electronics for focus or aperture, it's not going to work.

    I'm not aware of an EOS to Nikon adaptor with communication protocol translation, I think the market is too small for anyone to bother. Such adaptors do exist for some of the mirrorless mounts, but they're expensive and reviews are mixed.

    I couldn't even find a single EOS-F mount adaptor, only options going via Leica M as an intermediary. I only checked KF and Kipon though...

    In short, I'd go with Gary's suggestion, just get an older manual Nikon macro. By the time you've finished messing with adaptors, you'll be halfway there in price anyway.
  9. I tried to adapt my Nikon F lenses to EF without much success. I still have a 60's Nikon F series camera, the Photomic FTn (Like the Press used in Vietnam etc), and which I would love to use again, if inexpensive film/processing were still available! Used to do my own processing, and I bought my Pentax SPF and lenses when I was stationed in Singapore (1973-75).

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