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  1. So on the weekend my 5 year old 24-105 f4 L seems to have developed the following problem - operates ok at 24 mm; mirror blackout tends to be a bit long when zoomed to around 35 mm; locks the camera up when shooting and zooming beyond about 70 mm.
    The camera is reporting "Err 01 camera lens communication faulty clean lens contacts". The lens contacts look clean and the lens is repeating the same problem on both cameras I have (60D and 5D).
    My understanding is the 24-105 f4L has an internal electical ribon that can wear over time as the lens is zoomed in and out, and that seems to fit with the behaviour of my lens.
    Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? It will have to go back to Canon but I am wondering whether the Canon repair, assuming it is the internal ribon wiring, will be a durable fix or whether it is simply a replacement with the same dodgy parts?
  2. I had a problem like that with my 4-5 year old 24-105 a couple of years ago. As I understand it, it's an IS failure (that doesn't go away by turning off the IS). I sent my lens back to Canon for a fixed price repair, after which the problem was sorted.
    Hope this helps.
  3. assuming it is the internal ribon wiring, will be a durable fix or whether it is simply a replacement with the same dodgy parts?​
    Yes. it is simply a replacement w/ the same dodgy parts. Of course nearly every zoom lens produced today (that has a moving iris, AF motor, or IS system) uses that exact same type of 'same dodgy part', so I wouldn't necessarily expect that the new one will fail the same way. Maybe you could get Canon to comment on the durability of the new one? As far as I know, they are mostly built to the same durability specs.
  4. That happend to my 24-105 last week too. I tested it on my 7D and a older 400D, both cameras gave an error.
    I took it into a canon repair shop, they would get back to me with a quote in the beginning of this week. But luckily my home insurance will cover it, so I just hope they'll get it fixed soon.
  5. I have a 24-105L I bought new with a 5D late in 2005 and it's doing fine and I've used the heck out of it. Hopefully it's not due for a ribbon cable meltdown! However, I don't zoom it much and, when I do zoom, I tend to zoom slowly to preset focal lengths before shooting. Too many years of shooting with primes so I tend to visualize coverage before looking through the VF.
    I see a lot of photogs rapidly zooming from one end of the range to the other, desperately searching for framing, often banging hard against the end of the range. I suspect trombone technique is hard on the lens and certainly enhances collection of dust.
  6. This is a known problem with this specific lens - see this discussion here for detailed info:

    See this photo.net thread: http://www.photo.net/canon-eos-digital-camera-forum/00a3TJ
    Here is an excerpt from my experience: "Basically the ribbon cable that allows communication between the 24-105 F4 lens and the camera body is bad...and this is known to Canon except they will not admit they manufactured a bunch of lenses that have problems - whose owners after about a year or so suddenly cannot get AF (often at close distances) or get a proper exposure at anything more than F4-F5.6...stopping down to F8 and beyond you get an overexposed mess of an image.

    Apparently Canon had a run of bad ribbon cables in this lens. I had this problem too - do a google search and you will find info on it (Luminous Landscape had a discussion about it in their lens/camera forum in summer 2010 or so.)

    Luckily for me, I had just purchased the lens as a refurb from Canon...but the 90 day warranty had just expired (by about 20 days). I called their tech support 800 number and pointed out that this is a known problem that many people report (and that Canon refuses to admit the problem). The 800 number folks could only say to send it in for tech support in New Jersey to look at...

    So I sent the lens in with a detailed explanation of the problem and again pointing out that many people complain of this issue on the net...and that please please Canon, fix it for free (because it was purchased as a refurb and this should have been fixed by Canon when they had it, and it was only 20 days or so out of warranty).

    Bottom line - Canon fixed it for free and sent it back to me with no charge for postage.

    If I had to pay for the repair it would run about $300 or so, perhaps a bit less. Sorry (my apologies) - just thought you might want to know info such as estimated repair cost...

    Anyway, do a google search and this issue is discussed on the net. Good Luck! Send them a letter with supporting evidence from the net. This is something that is likely so widespread that Canon would take a big hit if they had to replace all the ribbon cables on this lens for most everyone - but they need to do what is right here for those people whose lenses develop this problem.

    Robert DeCandido PhD
  7. Hello. I have just encountered the same problem by the sounds of the lines above. my lens when attached to my 7D continually tries to hold focus when in AV or Tv mode? even though the screen indications show the subject is focused? I have also had the error code ERR01 pop up and prevent use of the lens in the two modes mentioned above. This has now gone but the camera continually tries to focus - the lens ticks away like its possessed! has anyone else got this problem and is it likely to be the ribbon cable?
  8. Mine has been in the shop for 4 months now. It was sent to Canon for repair by a local camera shop. I got it back after a month and it cost me $250. I tried to use it that evening and got the exact same error. Lens flips out when zooming. Apt goes from the normal setting to 0.0 and back again. I took it back the next day. The shop sent it back to Canon and Canon said that we dropped it. The shop is fighting with them. I've always had good service from Canon on other repairs but this is really getting on my nerves.
  9. Updating the latest prices Canon is charging for this repair. This is the second lens I have had which has suffered this particular error, and this round it is costing me about $400. This is really unacceptable from Canon considering we're paying for durability with these L-series lenses. I wonder how many of us it will take complaining before they actually do something about it.
  10. Wow. $400.00 ?
    My 24-105 is giving error 01 and cleaning contact does not help. I'll request a repair estimate. I'd almost rather sink the $400.00 into a new lens...24-170 maybe. *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#*...
  11. 24-70 F2.8 Tamron with IS is a better substitute for about $1,000 USD - still a lot of money but one stop faster; with IS and a sharper lens.

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