Edward Weston exhibit in Portland, Maine

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  1. 100 original prints, "A Life's Work", is on display at the Portland
    Museum of Art until mid October. Many prints not published before.
    They are arranged chronologically and span his entire career. Not to
    be missed! I'll be taking a day trip over there soon.
  2. I believe the show is on until October 19th. I highly recommend it.
    I had only seen one original Edward Weston before and felt like I was seeing grey tones that I had never seen before. Awesome.
    Art Nichols
  3. I had to take three days to go see the show last month. It was worth every mile. I spent so much time examining the prints, the guards were following me around. Look real close. Did this guy ever have to spot? I saw spotting on two, maybe three prints, but it may have been repairs. I do think they needed more light on the prints.
  4. The collection of Weston prints shown in Portland is really lovely. Weston was an expressive printer, as well as a superb image-maker. These prints have the hands-on touch of a great artist. They are not at all mechanical, and there is much to learn from them about taking an individual aesthetic approach to photographic printmaking. I recommend this exhibit to the readers of this forum. I should add that Portland is a very pleasant city, with the sea-coast available within a few minutes, and with good restaurants, bookshops, etc.

    I think the lighting level in the Portland Museum is quite reasonable. Given the value of the prints, I was surprised that the exibit is so well lit; and I did not have any difficulty seeing the prints clearly. (From what I have read on this forum, Weston prints in other museums have been shown in very dimly lit spaces.) I am quite sure that the lighting is governed by the conditions of the loan.
  5. Amazing. It was amazing.
  6. If this is anything like the "Edward Weston: A Legacy" exhibit at the Huntington
    Library in L.A., you won't be disappointed.

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