Edixa Reflex B Only giving B Speed

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  1. Hi once again, I posted on Xmas eve that I have this Edixa Reflex B that is only giving B Speed and that the shutter dial just turned and did nothing, Dave G suggested that the pin on the dial had broken off, and this was exactly what I found when I removed the speed dial. I have managed to fashion a new pin and fitted it so that the dial now engages with the holes for the different speeds, trouble is the shutter still only giving the Bulb speed. Any ideas would be appreciated, also how does the bottom plate come off I have undone the two end screws but I think there are another two screws in the middle but are covered by the large circular tripod fitting, how does this undo? Many thanks in advance, I have included a shot of the new pin in the speed selection dial hopefully I have got the length about right I just had to guess.
  2. The following thread may be of some interest, if you haven't already seen it:
    I have an Edixa-Mat Reflex Model C-L. The removal of the base plate on this model only requires the removal of four screws, the two smaller ones at the far ends and the two larger ones on either side of the tripod socket. Your Model B is probably similar in design. Be careful not to let the rewind button drop out after you remove the base plate. The slow speeds on my C-L were not working when I received it. A few drops of naptha or Ronsonol lighter fluid got them working again.
  3. I have just been reading an explanation of how a Zorki Shutter works which I think is the same principle as the Edixa shutter having a pin on the speed dial which trips a lever to release the second curtain, for the fast speeds. It may be that the pin I made just needs to be slightly longer, as I said I just guessed at the length, and with it acting like it was with the broken pin, it could well be down to pin length. I will make a longer pin and see how we go.
  4. I measured the pin on one of the dials I have and it is 5mm long. To remove the tripod socket on your camera you will need to peel back the leatherette ring, it hides the screws in the middle.
  5. Thanks Dave, I have made another longer pin and fitted that but I am afraid it has made no difference, the shutter still only fires on Bulb, but the second curtain is released by the slow speed timer if you press the button and release immediately the slow mechanism does its job, just wondering what is preventing the second curtain release from operating on the faster speeds ?

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