Editing Software for OSX ?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by simus, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    I am new to OSX and I am looking for some alternative (under 150/200$) similar
    to aperture or lightroom. It must also be able to organize/catalog photos. On
    windows platform I have used ACDSEE Pro (130$).
    What could I use on the OSX?


  2. If you are a student, Aperture is $159.00 and of course Lightroom is still free while it is in
  3. ray


    iPhoto (free and already on the computer) and iView Media Pro ($199) jump to mind.
    As Ellis said, Aperture and Lightroom are also good options (I use the former).
  4. Thank you for your suggestion,
    Aperture is what I wish to have, but I read many review in which it is said that only most powerrful machines with dual processor can work flawless.

  5. What Mac are you on Antonio?

    I use an old 1.8GHz G5 Powermac and Aperture works just fine for me. Sure, if I were a pro
    and working with it many hours a week, I'd like something faster. But if you have a G5
    processor and a graphics card that is supported, you should be fine.

    I always try before I buy and "evaluation" copies are easy to find on the internet.
  6. It's an iMac G4 800.
    I'll try to install.


  7. Dont bother using Aperture with your machine...not even close to be fast enough to drive it.
    Use Iview Media Pro is your best bet.

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