Editing and Storing RAW (NEF) Files

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by sergio_leal, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. I recently purchased a D70 and I want to start shooting with NEF
    files, BUT, there are a few points which I do not Know how to
    manage: 1) If I can open NEF images in Photoshop CS why can?t I save
    the images in this format (tiff and PDF files are too large) 2) Is
    the any way I can edit my images is the PS and save them in NEF
    format? How?
    THanks for any help in advance.
  2. lwg


    You can save your changes in Nikon Capture. Photoshop does not write out any of the RAW formsts because photoshop changes the data with each manipulation (unless you use layers). Nikon capture can save its settings back to the file and then use them to process the same raw data to get a different result. Photoshop could do this as well, but the feature set would be different for each RAW format and it would get very confusing, so I am glad they don't.
  3. Thanks Gebhardt. I thing I am going to install Nikon Capture 4 on my PC. BTW, what is the difference between NEF anf NEF+JPEG modes?
  4. My understanding, and I have been using my D70 for two weeks now, just started using RAW yesterday, is that when you set the D70 for NEF+jpg it takes and stores a shot in NEF and also jpg basic, they are both on your compact flash card.
  5. I use both Capture and PS(ACR) to open NEF files from a D100. If you open a NEF file in PS, then you should process it, and save it as a PSD (photoshop) file, and your NEF file will remain available for any future work you want to do. You can open the NEF file again and again in PS, Capture, or whatever. There are definite differences between Capture and PS, but both of them let you preserve the RAW data.

    Putting it another way, if you use Capture to open a NEF file, you still should transfer it to PS or some other image editor, make any necessary adjustments, and save the processed file in a format other than NEF. The whole point of NEF is to preserve the original information from the camera as a digital "negative." Post processing is something else.
  6. I agree with John's sentiment about the preservation of the original image. I always leave the original image "as is" and save to another filename and type (ie:either JPG or PSD). Usually I will save to PSD for images in progress and JPG for final images. I then regularly archive the RAW files off my PC to CD/DVD as well as any older completed projects to save hard disk space.
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    I make changes to the NEF file, but I archive an original copy to CD first. You can always change the settings back and not have lost anything because the underlying image data has not changed, but having more than one copy is always a good idea.
  8. Maybe I could open the file in PS and initially convert it to tiff. Then I could make all necessary changes and open the already modified tiff file in Nikon capture and turn it into NEF again. Does it make any sense? Will I preserve the same image quality as in the original NEF file?
  9. Once you convert to TIFF (or any other format) you lose the benefit of the NEF format.

  10. 1) Photoshop CS has ver. 2 of Camera Raw, that doesn't support D70 NEF format. You need to download the update version of Camera Raw, supporting D70 nef format (version 2.2, you can dowload it here:
    2) Photoshop cannot save in NEF format in any way because there is no reason to do it. Raw format is good for cameras, not for retouching software.

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