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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by imaginator, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. Why does this appear when i comment on a photo in the critique forum?
    How do I get rid of it (I'm not interested in editing my comments
    later) Do others see this or is it only shown to the person making
    the comment?
  2. It is only shown to the person who made the comment. Just ignore it.
  3. We've thought about removing this capability, since it can wreck the continuity of threads to edit comments to which people have already responded. Occasionally you see threads where somebody writes a troll type comment, and then after the thread is a shambles from all the enfuriated responses, the original culprit goes in and edits his original post to be something a lot more innocuous.

    The feature is available only to the author of the comment and the moderators.
  4. People can copy and paste troll's comment when responding. It's a useful feature, I have corrected typos and linked content using it.
  5. It is also helpful if you've said something really stupid that you want to delete.
  6. I'm not sure repeating troll comments is a good idea either. In fact replying to trolls at all only makes them worse and fills the database with crud!

    As for editing stupid comments, maybe if we couldn't edit our comments we'd think more carefully about what we said - and that wouldn't be a bad thing.

    You do get a chance to look at and edit your comments right before they are posted, so you get a chance to correct spelling and/or HTML errors.

    Since you can't edit your comments in the Q&A forums and there's no big outcry over that, I'm not really sure why you need to be able to in the image critique forums (or on comment pages come to that). Editing previous responses can certainly break the logic of a response thread.
  7. It is maybe a stupid reason, but I use the "Edit Your Comment" possibility often when I meet typing errors in my comment. Sometime I even need to change it, because as a not native english person, sometimes I do not express exactely what I mean from the first time.
  8. The edit function is good. Leave it.

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