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Discussion in 'Minox' started by kingson__, Nov 12, 1999.

  1. Dear Friends, The TLX comes with a ND filter, but what about the ECX, in bright sunny day the ECX might over expose the film. Any idea of how to fix that?
  2. Kingson, use your sunglasses as a makeshift filter, covering both the lens and the meter window.
    <p> The sunglasses ought to be zero degree.
  3. Actually, the EC and ECX have an aperture and top shutter speed so
    chosen that in bright sunlight with ISO 100 film they just handle the
    light and do not over expose. Of course if you insist on using ISO
    400 film out of doors and in bright sunlight, you will overexpose by
    two stops. This is not a serious problem, because modern color
    negative films can readily tolerate a two-stop overexposure. In fact,
    the construction of such films results in finer grain with a modest
    overexposure than with "normal" exposure.


    So don't worry about overexposure with a properly working EC or ECX.
  4. In fact, the f5.6 lens of the EC/ECX takes the same amout of light in
    1/500 sec (maximum speed) as the f3.5 lens takes in 1/1280 sec, so
    there is no problem with photographing in sunlight with ASA 100 film,
    even without a filter.
  5. I think we still have to be careful to "over expose" when using the
    ECX. In places like Hong Kong, Where we have bright sunny days most
    of the time, even F11 1/500 is not fast enough (ISO100). So a film
    like the Fuji Reala that can accept three stops of over exposure is
    If the Minocolor Pro is using Fuji APS format it might be able to
    accept that. Anyway, these cameras work better when overexposed at
    1/2 to 1 stop. We are testing the ECX in Japan now. In Hong Kong, I
    have to use the ND filter in my TLX most of the time. The TLX is
    already adjusted to 1/2 stop over.

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