Eclipse - 21dec2010 - Dearborn MI

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by doug grosjean, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    I usually post in Classic Cameras, because most of my cameras fit into that forum best.
    But this time, I was using my Nikon D90, to photograph last night's eclipse.
    I almost didn't. I had no idea there was an eclipse, till just a few hours prior. Then another poster on P'net said that it wasn't worthwhile to shoot, with anything less than a 500mm lens, and my longest is 300mm. But then I figured "What the heck, I'll check it out...."
    Results below.
    Note 1:
    I had to change the exposures as the night progressed. Haze thickened, cutting down on light. So I started with ISO-400, and ended with ISO-6400, before cloud cover cut off all visibility.
    Note 2:
    This was my first epiphany using digital. The ability to change ISO speed, and to see the results, was critical in getting these shots.
  2. Note too that these are not art, but decent snapshots. Printed, they wouldn't win any critiques here. But they do exist, and look good on a computer monitor.
  3. Number 3...
  4. Number 4....
  5. Number 5....
  6. Exposure 6...
  7. Finally, a quick composite created in Paint, of all 6 stages.
    Cloud cover increased after the last shot, and I could not document any more.
  8. Very nice, Doug. It was completely cloud covered here so I missed it. Lucky for you and too bad for me that a solstice lunar eclipse won't happen again until December 21, 2485.
  9. Nice sequence, Doug. We had no chance here - completely overcast.
  10. Doug, why not just change the shutter speed and mount it on a tripod? I have a D90 and once you start pushing ISO 3200 the noise gets pretty obvious. Just a thought. Nice sequence you have there - I was going to use my 70-300mm VR lens but we too had a completely overcast sky.
  11. Thanks, all.
    Jay, I didn't have enough faith in my ball-head tripod with the zoom on there, plus it was cold out. Agreed the pics could be slightly better.
  12. Double-post - my bad - delete.
  13. Jay, if you slow down the shutter speed, you blur the moon since it is a moving target! I was flying home from SLC to Louisville and tried like crazy to delay our takeoff so we could see the eclipse from altitude! Alas, we landed at about the same time the eclipse was starting and everything around here was completely overcast.
    I like your composite. Nice effort. And nice that you figured out the magic of digital.
  14. As usual Doug great photos.
    I live near San Diego, CA, and all we saw was rain, rain, and more rain, so we had no chance to see the eclipse.
    A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones Doug.
  15. Thanks
    We were socked in from 2P on.
  16. I think you did a fine job.
  17. I'm on vacation in Florida, and it was a beautiful night for the eclipse. I did take some pictures, but unfortunately I only have the 70-200 kit lens. I think I am going to have a couple pictures that are going to turn out pretty decent. No, they're not going to win a prize but considering the lens they're not to bad. I will try to post one when I get home.
  18. Great shots...I had my D300s and 300 f/4 all set up on a tripod ready for any break in the clouds, but alas I got snowfall instead... :(
  19. Very nice. The best moon shots of the eclipse I have seen from this past event. :)
  20. Very nice Doug. I live just up the road from you in Bloomfield Township. I tried but failed miserably. I have a 600mm lens with which I've made nice moon pictures before, but this time, because the moon was so high in the sky, I had a horrible time even getting it in the frame. Kneeling or crouching on the cold, cold ground, looking up at the camera, the slightest touch moved the field of view like crazy. Between the time the eclipse started and when it was nearly total, I snapped two frames when I thought the lens was aimed at the moon, but both came out black. Either underexposed (I was guessing based on prior experience) or the rig had moved. As you say, the clouds covered everything up around totality. I gave up at that point and went to bed.
    Well done!
  21. jfz


    Shot this one 3:30 in the morning to complete Doug's sequence
  22. Very nice sequence of shots. I could not resist and I could not miss it so I woke up and I took my picture. Hope you like it.
  23. Thanks, all.
    I may re-master the composite, to get rid of some of the noise in the black sky as I went higher and higher on the ISO settings.
    Thanks for sharing the two pics of the moon at totality! Since I had thickening haze and clouds, I'm curious - what settings did you use for the orange moon, to photograph it? At that point, it's in the Earth's shadow, correct?
  24. jfz


    it was windy, so I had to compromise and bump up ISO. For this particular picture, the setting was F5.6, ISO4000, at 1/16", on a tripod with mirror-up mode. Red/orange is the color of earth's shadow, because of the dusty atmosphere of our earth.

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