E. Puts' Review of the 21mm and 24mm Asph Luxes

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  1. I wonder what's left for Leica to produce? Or have they done everything possible with rangefinder glass, other than oddities?
    Perhaps a 35mm f1.0 Asph? It might sell more. I don't know the physics that is involved.
  2. Where's the 28mm Summilux ASPH? I see a gap in the system. :)
  3. What's left?
    A 16mm Elmarit to fill out the wide and, as mentioned by Doug a 28mm Summilux. Also a new 35mm Summilux that doesn't suffer from focus shift. Maybe ever a 35mm Noctilux.
  4. There's already a 15mm Elmarit...Yes clearly a 28mm Summilux is everyone's next vital accessory.
  5. The 15mm elmarit is for the R SLR system. The widest for the M is the 16-18-21 Wide Tri-Elmar.
  6. Stuart you're right of course.
    I was also thinking of the 15mm Distagon ZM - admittedly not a Leica lens
  7. I wonder what's left for Leica to produce?​
    Apo-Summicron Lensbaby....?
  8. Back to basics, does anyone have any comments on Erwin's reviews, as such?
    I cannot imagine too many possessors of these rather expensive bits of glass. Would be interesting to compare the 21mm f2.8 with the f1.4 (I guess he does, I read the review too quickly). IOW, do we really need such fast lenses with useable ISO's up to 1250 (at least in black and white on an M8)?
  9. What's left? Well how about get on and produce a decent M digital camera with full-frame, a good rear screen, good at high ISO, professionally sealed and reliable.
  10. Amen to that.
  11. Everybody makes a keychain with their logo on it, and admittedly nobody uses it, but what if it was a plastic body M mount digital camera body that doesn't take Raw and doesn't take all the deep mount lenses and doesn't have TTL flash and has only a 2" LCD and sells for $500? It wouldn't substitute for what can be done with the M with film, but it might keep us from having to use P&S cameras when we want to use Leica lenses.
  12. doesnt say much, other than the lenses are very well constructed and that Cannondale cyclist don't complain as much about the high cost of a great bike.
  13. Probably a cannondale forum somewhere with a link to the same article is descending into furious debate over E. Puts assertions about the Taurine's low speed ride. They'll be divided as to whether he should be allowed to have an opinion and perplexed about his mention of lenses ("how much for the front of a camera?". IMHO he's completely off beam; he needs his suspension set up tweaked.
  14. The distortion of Distagon 15/2.8 is rather serious. I shot with an M7.
    I am considering of getting the 21 Lux and 16 or 24 Elmarit. Thoughts perhaps?
  15. The distortion in Distagon 15/2.8 is rather serious. I shot with an M7.
    I am considering of getting the 21 Lux and 16 or 24 Elmarit. Thoughts perhaps?

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