Dynax 7 rear LCD not working

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by paul_clayton, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Hi I live in the UK, and I own a Minolta Dynax 7. I was out taking pictures the other day when all of a sudden the rear lcd screen simply failed. That is, the camera works as normal, but the lcd screnn no longer shows anything. I have taken out the batteries, and tried different lenses but no luck. I was not subjecting the camera to any 'extreme' conditions. I had subjected it to quite humid conditions a 3 days previous, but was working since then. Any chance this can be fixed? Is there a secret camera reset that I could try? I attach a picture of the rear lcd. this is what appears as soon as i switch the camera on. this fades over 20 seconds or so, and the scrren ends up blank. Thanks in advance Paul
  2. my guess is you will have to send it in for a repair.
  3. Sadly this does sound like a form of "electronics" failure and these usually require repair.

    Not sure it is relevant but does anything show in the top data panel and do you have a display in the viewfinder ? If you do then firstly the problem is probably limited and secondly the camera is still usable. It would be an interesting exercise to use it and see how often you would miss the display ( I use it most to record the info from the data memory ).

    One final thought - have you tried and seen what happens if you press the display illuminator and fiddled around with display contrast setting ?
  4. Thanks Bill

    Yes the top lcd still works, and the camera still functions. the viewfinder info is also working as well as the light meter.

    The main use of the rear lcd for me was recalling previous film exposure info.

    I will give KM/Sony a call and see if they can do anything?
  5. Hope it works out ( too good a camera to be junked ). It will be interesting for many of us to see how you get on with Sony service so do let us know.
  6. I called KM today, using the number from their website. They put me through to JP service solutions. I think this is a business partner who does their hardware.

    They quoted a maximum cost of �80 for the repair. They will have to send it off to Germany for between 4-6 weeks.

    I think I will send it off to them in the Uk. They said that they will send an estimate before they do any works, so I could always change my mind.

    Is it really worth repairing? I am thinking that I should get it done before support stops all together!
  7. Recent fleabay prices anywhere from 170 to 220 quid but seem to be fewer coming up lately. Maybe people have decided that there is a future with Sony so are keeping them.

    Is 80 quid worth it for repair - in my view yes but you could get an 800si or similar for that so it is up to you.

    If Sony are serious I think they will make sure that support is available until a model becomes really outdated. Then maybe some independant people will offer a service - for example I see quite a number of adverts for people doing service and repairs on an SRT101. Do not despair just yet :)
  8. Thankfully I have a lot of cameras so I am resorting back to my Dynax 600si and my Mamiya ZE-2.

    the Dynax 7 has been posted off to KM.
  9. the quote from KM is 145 quid. do you think its worth it Bill?

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