Dyna-Lite XP1100 power capability

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by morris_weintraub, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. I'm looking to buy a portable lighting system for location portraiture. I've used the Ranger
    Rx in the past, but I'm thinking Dyna-Lite's XP1100 w/ 1600w White Lightenings would be
    a cheaper and more versitile alternative. I like the idea of having just one set of lights, but
    my question is this: Can you use 1600ws heads with the XP1100? Or will the light only put
    out 1100 ws? Furthermore, will I damage the battery pack? My reason for wanting the
    extra power is that I do group portraits outside in summer daylight. Also, for the cost
    difference, is the XP1100 that much better than the Vagabond?...OR should I just suck it
    up and get a Ranger, or Porty?
    Thank you for any advice that you can spare!!!
  2. hey morris.....i have an XP1100 myself that i use for on location shooting. it's definitly
    nice to have and is a fair price compared to other portable packs on the market. I believe
    it can only pull 1100 w/s. i use it with a 1000w/s Dynalite pack and was told it would not
    power the 2000w/s pack that dynalite has. I wish it would power more, that would be
    great. Only downer is that it is a little on the bukly side, especially compared to the
    dynalite packs which are so small. its nearly twice the size/weight. other than that it is
    great. good luck to you. I am actually selling mine along with my entire dynalite setup. i
    am switching over to Profoto stuff this summer. take care. josh
  3. How about wiring up your own with a Xantrex Prosine pure sine wave inverter and a deep cycle battery?
  4. Josh, thanks for the input. After talking to the Dyna-Lite reps it sounds like it is possible
    to run a 1600ws head off the XP1100, but they do not recommend it. However, my new
    question is about the noise it makes while powering up. Is it loud? Is it annoying?
    Furthermore, I need to do a bit more research, but please contact me if you're interested in
    selling the battery pack on its own. photo@theimagewell.com
    Thanks, Morris.
  5. No real noise. A little buzz when it gets lower.

    Dynalite says it will power a 1000 watt pack, or two Uni 400's (400 w/s each.)

    The White Lightning are rated at 660 w/s I believe. You should be OK with one. Turn a White Lightening down to 1/2 and you should be OK with 2.

    I have some Visatec 1600's, same 660 w/s. I'll try it when I get a chance (I usually use the XP 1100 with an 800w/s pack, or with Uni 400's.)

  6. I use the profoto 1200 watt pack with the XP1100 and it works fine. I have heard of people pushing it more and just getting less pops per battery charge.

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