DXO software vs Pentax in lens correction?

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by fast_primes, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. I'm not a Pentax dslr owner, but I am interested in how close do Pentax cameras (K5, etc) and Pentaxes associated software come to automatically correcting for lens faults (distortion, chromatic aberrations, vignetting , keystoning/horizon distortion and etc.)?

    Any Pentax DXO users? How does DXO compare to ease-of-use to Pentax's own software?
    I'm a Nikon owner who is tired of the glacial pace of DX/APS primes offerings by Nikon--only the 35F1.8 so far in the past 2-3 years (plus a couple of macros and a fish eye?!?!).
  2. I don't use DXO but I have no issues with the in camera correction of the K5. It is a bit slow but I am not a machine gunner shooter. I mainly use DA Limited primes.
  3. Neither I use DXO, in camera is more than enough, I keep it always on and I am gradually moving all my lenses (zooms more than primes) to those compatible with the correction. I expect this to bring even better optical results by becoming a given in lens design. One or two more generations and then it will be on all Pentax cameras, and then specialized lenses will start to appear in which designers can assume these distortions will be taken care of in SW and will concentrate on other performance like sharpness, or lens size and cost (most likely the latter...)

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