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Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by bdp, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. bdp


    If anyone is using this software to create wedding DVD's for people, can you
    let me know if you get odd "blips" during the music? I can't figure out what's
    causing it, but I'm getting a blip every now and then and it's VERY annoying
    and I can't seem to get rid of it.

    If I recreate the show (I 'burn' to an ISO image and not directly to the DVD)
    the blips are in different locations. I'm guessing maybe 1 dozen during a 19
    min show.

    Suggestions? Help?
  2. i used it alot earlier this year, but too many erratic renderings. I switched to a more friendly browser based software...Webshowit by David Jay...platform independent. PS Gold though good, doesn't run on Mac's.
  3. Bob, I have had the same problem. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I ever found out the cause or how to definitely fix it. The last show I did came out fine but the one I was posting about here


    gave me a lot of trouble.
  4. Bob, I also posted here


    I may have had success when I burned it at normal quality and slow speed. I wish I had reposted once I seemed to fix it. I'm not sure though that I ever thought it was perfect. There may have still been one or two little skips.
  5. Also, I have never been happy with the quality when I have tried to brun or create an ISo and then burn dvd from that. It was much fatser of course and great for burning multiple dvd's but seemed to lose something in the process.

    Hope you get some more answers. I did call photodex and they basically weren't much help.
  6. Reducing the images to 1200X1200 max and making sure you have the images on a local drive should fix this. Also, the ISO then burning to DVD is the way to go. Never noticed any quality difference. I use Imgburn (it's free) I burn several weddings a week for the last couple years.

  7. bdp


    I use WebShowIt for the slideshows on the Web, I wish they'd come out with a way to burn the shows to DVD, and only use PSGold for creating DVD slideshows.

    I burn to an ISO image (can't control the speed there) and don't go directly to DVD as I seem to lock up. I love the softward but unless PhotoDex gets their heads removed from their posteriors, I'm going to have to see if I can find somehtings else. I do NOT want to upgrade to the Pro version, if I can't get the darn Gold version to works right.

  8. Bob

    ProShow Gold works very well for us. And we don't get any funky "blips" in our images or music. I don't know what's causing that.

  9. I just bought ProShow Gold, and haven't run into any problems with the DVD burning aspect of the product. My DVD burner is on the "tested" list they show, and I didn't use the ISO image option to burn the DVD. The DVD show I burned for TV viewing works just fine--no blips. When I burned that show, though, I also used the autorun option, and that aspect does not run well, even on my pretty fast computer. Yet when I burned an autorun only show on a CD (not in conjunction with the DVD/TV option), it runs fine.

    Then, when I put that CD into my laptop, which has only modest specs, with vanilla graphics and sound, it had problems. I e-mailed ProShow's tech support, and have found their response very good. They usually get back to you the next day and provide pretty clear answers (considering I know little about DVD/TV, etc.). They told me that autorun shows do consume resources, so on my laptop, run the DVD show with the DVD player rather than autorun. It worked. Resolution is just a hair lower, since the DVD show is burned at TV resolution, but it isn't that noticeable.

    Don't know if your problems are similar, but I would ask ProShow tech support. I don't like that they have no written FAQ or Knowledge Base on their website, but they have been pretty responsive.
  10. I don't know if this helps with the music blips, but it's worth a shot. We've found that it helps to disconnect the computer from the Internet and turn off ALL antivirus and Internet security software before using the program and burning. This has helped with a number of issues with ProShow Gold.
  11. tww


    ProShow's DVD burning / ISO creation depends a lot on your computer speed. So you need to make sure your images and music are all accessible on a fast/local drive, disable all screensavers and background tasks, and don't use the computer while it's creating your show.

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