DVD burning on a Mac G5

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by matt_gerhardt, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. So here's my problem... I own a quad core G5 which has a Pioneer DVR 110D
    installed. From day 1 I couldn't get the DVD burner to burn at any speed over 1x
    when burning DVDs, but CDs would write at 16x. Finally got frustrated with it
    and called our local Mac retailer. What they told me was that Macs will only
    "recognize" Apple's own DVD-Rs, thus allowing them to burn at 8x, but all other
    DVD media was "unrecognized" and thus burns at 1x. Ok, fine, but Apple DVD's are
    more than twice as expensive as what I'm currently using and still more
    expensive than my new MAM-A Gold Archive DVD-Rs.
    I know there are quite a few people on here using Macs so I'm sure I'm not the
    only one who has run into this problem. So, has anybody found any other
    company's DVD-Rs that will burn at full speed on a Mac? What I'm currently using
    are Verbatim and MAM-A DVDs.
  2. I own a G5 running Tiger that I bought 1.5 years ago. I have no problem burning DVDs at the listed buring options.

    I use Memorex DVD-R 16x single layer.

    Side Note: Yes Mac's are somewhat finiky. When I had a pc I use to burn with the Memorex Black CD-Rs. PC would burn to them, Mac would just eject them. But the Mac will read them when burned from a PC.
  3. It all depends on your burning software. What do you use for that? I can burn any brand at
    any speed the burner is capable of with Toast. Just keep in mind that some media will not
    allow for faster burning than 1x, even though you might get an option for 2x. I've had piles
    of these (Nashua single speed DVD-R) and they would go terribly wrong with more than 1x. I
    think that's why Apple wants you to use their own DVD's in order to avoid complaints.
  4. I don't experience such limitations with Toast.<br>
    You can even go beyond some of the specs of your DVD burner if you dare to upgrade its firmware - which I did many times without a glitch.
  5. ray


    I have a quad g5 and I have no problem burning a MAM-A DVD (or verbatim) at full speed. I
    am using Toast 7 (and not the default Finder Burn feature).

    It's possible that you have a faulty superdrive, in which case, you should get it replaced under

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