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  1. i have d3200 and on dust spot inside of viewfinder plz help me how to clean i have cleaning kit also.
  2. Most dust in the viewfinder is on the underside of the focus screen, pushed there by the use of zoom lenses pumping dusty air in and out of the camera as they are zoomed. If the dust spot is large, you may even be able to see it by eye and if so, the use of a rocket blower into the mirror box (with the lens opening facing downwards) will most likely dislodge it. Don't touch the screen, nor use canned air as the surface of the screen is soft and will mark easily.
  3. ok thanku for ur assistance. i will try and then inform u btw i have kit lens 18-55mm no zoom lens.
  4. The kitlens 18-55 is a zoomlens; a zoomlens is any lens that can change focal length.
    Be sure to use a rocket blower without any brushes (as the brushes can quite easily pick up grease and dirt and spread that around).
  5. (Wouter has been faster than I... :)
    (BTW, just to add that most called zoom lenses are actually varifocal lenses, as they don`t keep focus along the range... but anyway, we all know what manufacturer`s mean when they say "zoom").
  6. thanks guys and i dnt have rocket blower just nikon cleaning kit can i use it.
    i know its layman question :p
  7. If the worst comes to the worst and you can't shift it, remember it won't affect your pictures.
  8. yeah pics are fine. im using blower but still there
    thats irritating:(
  9. Yes, dust spots on plastic screens are irritating. It is so easy to damage the surface or even to add more dust while cleaning...
    Usual low quality blowers are not so effective to my taste; you`d need a really powerful and directional small air stream.
  10. i cant see dust spot directly but
    im also using cotton buds at the
    corner of both mirror up and down
    just touch to remove the partical
    but failed i think dust between
    viewfinder and mirror
  11. The only place you can see dust, if present, is at the focal plane - the screen or the bottom of the prism. The screen can be easily removed. It's in a metal frame hinged at the back and latched in the front. Press in lightly, and it will drop down. I'm sure someone has a YouTube video showing how it's done.
    Using a blower can easily force dust between the screen and the prism. Carried to extremes, dust can be forced between the cover filter and the sensor. That calls for a factory replacement or repair.
  12. Aaah, Dustin Viewfinder, he was never very much in front of the lens but behind the camera he made some of the best films ever.
  13. i dnt want to remove prism and i decided to live with it :D

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