Dust Cover For HP Printer?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by gv, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. gv


    Any suggestions for a source? Local office supply stores hardly carry dust covers anymore...
    A Google search turned- up Compucover and Fellowes.

    I wish that companies would include a dust cover, or at least offer it as an "accessory." I've
    used dust covers on my computer equipment ever since I paid over $5000 for my first set-
    up. I think it prolongs the life of most gear and it sure does keep it looking like new for
  2. Try Office Max, Staples or Office Depot. They carry generic covers for printers, scanners and other gear. They usually aren't pretty, but they keep the dust out....
  3. How about a towel or bedsheet? It's what I use for my printers. Sure, it's not the most aesthetically attractive, but I haven't spent any money or had to go anywhere (but my closet) to come up with covers.
  4. gv


    My Rotatrim is covered by a towel (my cat certainly appreciates it...) Since we tend toward
    jumbo towels in this house, I would still have to go forth and find the right size/pattern.
    Too bad I don't live in a city where I could visit a store with neat fabric with "ethnic"

    I'm going to order this: http://www.compucover.com/html/d101835.html. I thought that
    I was going to have do a special order because the printer didn't come up when I searched
    the website. But when I Googled "HP 8450 dust cover" one of the first hits was on the
    Compucover website.

    Years ago I ordered a dust cover from a small company in Bishop, California. I can't say
    that I am crazy about the gray color and small rainbow applique in one corner...
  5. How about a plastic grocery bag? Again not the most attractive but it does the job. I use one for my Nikon Coolscan IV and now for my Epson Picturemate. Good luck!
  6. Got one here:

    tons of custom covers for lots of models, reasonably priced, and good quality.

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