DURST UT 100 dryer cabinet

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by Jean-Claude, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. I bought a new one 15 years ago to replace the old one when it dies. Well, it just happened.

    I was so happy to install the new one but then discovered the propeller doesn't turn at all, although the machine is warming up.

    Some one to help or to give me an electric sheme of the dryer so I could check wat's wrong? Thank you so much
  2. Hard to say without looking, but something 15 years old and never used, the oil can
    get thick, or otherwise not work right.

    (Similar to old cameras that aren't used.)

    You might just help it along until it gets started, warms up, and works.

    Or a wire could be loose. Or a fuse or switch.
  3. The oil got thick indeed, so it needed 10 minutes of continious rotating by hand to get the propeller finally get started.

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  4. It probably needs a relube.
    The old oil has dried and is providing little if any lubrication.

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