Durst M305 - Filter placement?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I've owned this enlarger for sometime, and I got it brand new in the box with the manuals and all the documents. However, after using it for about 6+ months.. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out where to place the filters. I bought some Ilford filters- not the ones in the carrier, but just the sleeves (if that makes sense). If anyone has experience with this enlarger, any help would be great.

    Also, I've searched around on the internet and couldn't find anything. There is no recognizable filter placement on the enlarger- Do people just hold it under the lens?
  2. If you have the condenser head, page 10 of your manual.
    The filter drawer is on the front of the head.
    You will have to cut the filters to fit the drawer.

    If you have the color head, then there is no filter drawer.
  3. I have the color head version. I'd prefer to use separate filters- but I'm guessing using the color head is the only option.
  4. With the color head, your only option is to use the swinging filter arm.
    Remove the red filter and use the arm as a filter holder.

    Otherwise, you dial in the VC filtration into the color head.
  5. I'll see if I can pull out the red filter and just lay the filters on top of it. Thank you!
  6. AJG


    Ilford also makes a set of filters that mount with adapter attached to the enlarging lens. I used these for many years with an Omega D2 with Zone VI cold light that no place for VC filters. These are decent optically (unlike some gels).
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  7. Woah, that's awesome. I found some. I'll order these and give these a shot. THANK YOU!
  8. Casey
    You need to look very carefully at how the adapter attaches to the lens.
    I used one (different brand) many years ago in high school. With the adapter on the lens, it was difficult to get our fingers in to turn the aperture ring on the lens. Just a badly designed adapter. We eventually ditched it and just used graded paper.
    I would hope that the Ilford adapter is better designed.

    Worst case, you can probably lay the filters onto the swing arm red filter holder.
  9. Hey Gary, after just purchasing it I was just thinking about how I would be able to adjust the aperture. I'll give it a try and see how much of a tight area it is going to be. Until then, I'm planning on removing the red filter from the lower swing arm and lay the filter on top of it.
  10. AJG


    With the El Nikkor lenses (50 f/2.8, 80 f/5.6, 105 f/5.6, 150 f/5.6) I own I never had a problem changing f/stops with the Ilford VC filter holder, other lenses might be different.
  11. Why do you not want to use the colour head?

    The only drawback is that you may not be able to apply sufficient Magenta density to get a grade 5 paper equivalent. Apart from that, the colour head will act in exactly the same way as discrete filter 'gels', but without the fuss of swapping and changing filters in a drawer.

    Besides, CP filters aren't meant to be used below the lens. They aren't optical grade and may well reduce the print quality - especially if you handle them carelessly. CC filters are available to use below the lens, but they're expensive, need careful handling and not readily found these days.

    Just use the colour head and save yourself expense and time. And if you regularly need a printing grade you can't get with the colour head, then you might want to adjust your film processing.

  12. I have tried to use the color head, and while I was given some really good feedback/answers I still couldn't see much of a difference.

    I used to use a Durst color head with multigrade.
    90Y was grade 1/2 (you can't quite get "0").
    30Y was grade 1
    nothing was 2
    40M was 3
    70M was 4
    130M was 4 1/2 (can't quite make 5).
    Durst isn't CC values, although it is close, so don't go copying that over to a head not from Durst.

    I've tried using those values from a post I made last year.

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