Durban, South Africa

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  1. Have posted shots from my recent trip to Durban--part of my ongoing
    project on Indian communities worldwide:

    (click on durban on the left)

    Much, but not all, is Indian themed. Feedback appreciated (I
    acknowledge in advance that the scans are merely serviceable.)


  2. Preston's link.
    Some strong ones here, and only on one (with purple-looking foreground) did I see a bothersome scanning 'defect.' Very enjoyable series.
  3. Preston,

    excellent shots ! I also enjoyed your 'Boxing Club' series which reminded me of Martine Barrat's boxing pictures.

  4. Enjoyed that, Preston - and a very interesting theme for a project, too.

  5. The one of the woman with the silver tooth is beautiful. Are some of them scanned from prints?
  6. Thanks, John. All are scanned slides--Velvia 50 and Provia 400.

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