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  1. Hi,
    I live in Minneapolis, and find myself in Duluth for a couple days. I'm drawing
    a complete blank as to where to go to shoot in the morning... So, where would
    you go around Duluth to get some nice sunrise/sunset photography in? I'm
    interested in either landscape or wildlife. I'm not adverse to 'cityscape'
    either, though I prefer out in nature. Main criteria is that it be within say
    20 miles of Downtown Duluth. (I'm staying on spirit mountain.) Specific spots
    greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Greg.
  2. The Cliffs. They face east.

    Kent in SD
  3. Isn't summer in Duluth described as 5 days of BAD ice skating?

  4. For sunrise, go down to Canal Park down by the aerial lift bridge. The lift bridge is pretty cool at night too. I've never shot the sunset in Duluth. For sunset I only know of pullouts by the tourist hut at the start of London Road and hwy 61. I've seen plenty of cool sunset coming into Duluth from Canada. If you like water or waterfalls, Seven Bridges Road is great. So are Chester Park and Amity Falls.
  5. mtk


    Hi Greg! My wife of 21 years is from Duluth so I am there 6 times or so a year...I NEVER go there without my camera. I was just there last weekend. Yes, Canal park is a definite...Here are a few other ideas:
    1. Go to the North parking lot adjacent to Fitgers..(small one)Great spot to photograph arial bridge
    2. Park next to Red Lobster, look down the street next to the Channel 6 News building towards the arial bridge, GREAT potential for night shot(s) with bridge and neon lights.
    3. Inquire locally about the "copper top" church. Parking lot huge to make great cityscape pics (United Methodist Church)
    4. Skyline Parkway/Seven Bridges road. Great shots of harbour and old stone work bridge.
    5. Go to First Photo of Duluth (Central Entrance) Talk to Don Martens (Co-Owner and all around great guy)for more ideas. Phone number in book locally. Great camera store as well!
    6. As previously suggested, take hiway 61 along the lake, great potential as well.
    4. Hawks Ridge
  6. I can vouch for First Photo too. It's always one of my first stops when I go thru Duluth.
  7. Duluth is a beautiful town - consider yourself lucky to be there! I haven't shot in town but have photographed extensively in the surrounding area. I highly recommend checking out the conditions at Jay Cooke State Park, an easy 20 minute drive south of Duluth on the interstate and home of the spectacular St. Louis River. If the snow has melted already the river will be raging and the photographic opportunties will be endless. Here's a shot from the park taken a few years ago around this time of year:


    Sunrise photography from the "swinging bridge" over the river is a good place to start.
  8. Thanks all for your suggestions! Here's a brief report...

    Well, I did get some photography in, though not what I'd planned. In the evening I headed north on HWY 61 and stopped at a couple of the pull-outs. Some really nice composition possibilities there! I could see that if I'd been up on the ridge there might have been some nice sunset action...but I was hidden in the shadow of the hills. I did catch some posing gulls...

    Then I overslept in the morning (blame too many days in a row of not enough sleep...) but I did catch a different sort of action when I got up. There was a snowmobile race taking place on Spirit mountain. Not my normal thing, but lots of fun to photograph.

    I'll be back up in a few weeks and hopefully I'll be more rested this time!

  9. Hey, have the restrictions on uploading photos changed? I thought 500px wide and under 100k would guarantee that it shows inline... Anyway I'll try again with a snowmobile shot. I know, sort of off topic in a nature forum, but in scope of my reply anyway :)
  10. And the gulls...

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