"Dueling TLR's"!

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  1. I just recently acquired a vintage late 1940's "ANSCO AUTOMATIC REFLEX" TLR camera, I'm anxious to run some film through it... see how it compares to my vintage ROLLEIFLEX OLD STANDARD (pictured next to the Ansco). The Ansco was made to compete with the German Rolleiflex cameras in the late 1940's. I think that the demise of this camera was the cost, which was very expensive in its day! The Ansco is a very solid camera, more weight than my Rolleiflex, and seems to be a well-made camera! I was lucky to find this one in mint condition, everything is working on it. [​IMG]
  2. Nice-looking camera. Hope you'll run some film through it and post some results.
    Yeah, the Rollei TLR was the benchmark that other makers aimed for. During the mid to late 50's there was a proliferation of TLR models, some with obscure names, but also the familiar Yashicamat, Minolta Autocords, and Ricoh Diacords. Nice to see a camera (referring to your Ansco) that got into the game at an earlier date. Thanks for posting.
  3. The Ansco Reflex is one of the handsomest TLRs made, IMHO. I've rarely come across one that was an affordable bargain (meaning Mint, and Dirt Cheap ). It reminds me a lot of a cross between an Airstream and an Ikoflex.
    Old Standards are cool, too. Those uncoated Tessars are a joy and the 1930s style of the lightweight R'flex makes this model a fine street-shooter. You can carry it all day and break the ice with your subjects, too.
    Please post some sample pics asap.
  4. Looking at the first lines of the post I was sure there will be several photos from each camera attached :)
    Mike, are you planning to compare the "output"? :)
  5. Thanks for the nice comments. I will see how these 2 compare, and will get some pics posted.
  6. Wow what a beautiful Ansco! I tooo have read about thios model that is seldom available and never very cheap! Yes, please do a shoot out and post!
  7. I had one, it produced excellent photos, getting frame number one to fire was a problem because of loading issues and double exposure prevention default. I recommend you run a test roll(exposed not to be processed) through your camera to check for the operation and possible contingencies.
  8. Sorry to be late to the party on this thread. But I happen to own an Ansco Automatic Reflex 3.5. My dad used it in his photography studio in Little Rock AR back in the 50's. Mine does not look quite as clean as Mike's but it is fully functional. Mine has the leather case, which is in pretty good shape but the "hinge" portion where the front folds down has had the leather replaced.
    The only problem with the camera is that the focusing screen is so dirty or fogged that I can barely see through it, making focusing impossible. Does anyone have any idea how I might clean this screen or get a replacement? Or maybe the problem is with the mirror - anyone have any ideas?
    My dad gave me this camera when I got seriously interested in photography when I was in college back in the 60's. It still has the exposure cheat sheet taped inside the case. I think it would be fun to get some 120 film (they still make it, right?) and shoot with the camera again.

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