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  1. Hi,
    what do you think about the above named body (it comes with Canon EF 18-55 DC lens).
    I cannot find it in the PN review (http://www.photo.net/equipment/canon/)
    I am especially interested in comparison with Nikon D3000 (with 18-55 VR lens). I saw that the Nikon forum does not allow "want to buy" questions (I cannot find that in the Nikon review either, just the D300).
    To my stupefaction, while I found the Canon camera in three different shops quite easily, the Nikon I only find online (limited stock). In the shops there was the D5000 or D3100, and the shop with D3100 told me that D3000 is already old. But the last two are much more expensive, while the D3000 is in the same price range as the Canon EOS 1000D (about 380 EUR).
    People who own Canon told me that Nikon would have better colours.
    Now I don't know what to think if the product is out of stock.
    Thank you
  2. Maria,
    The Nikon D3000 is end of life and replaced with the D3100 (a much improved camera), so for that reason the D3000 is running low on stock and is being sold fairly cheap. It will runout soon. The same will happen for the EOS 1000D shortly, since its successor has just been announced.
    Better colours is not the case; the default could render some different colours. But when you set up the camera to your wishes, for all intents and purposes you will not see a large difference between a Canon or a Nikon. The big difference is in handling. The way the camera fits your hand and the ease with which you can then operate the camera makes all the difference, to me. I have largish hands, and find the EOS 1000D/400D/450D etc. too cramped. A D3000 would fit my hands somewhat better (though still small). This is a fully personal matter, so you'd be best of trying them in a store and see which one fits you better.

    Never noticed the Nikon forum would not allow this type of question, there are plenty like this over there too?
  3. The 10000D is the european name. In the US it is called the Rebel Xs. In Japan Canon calls is the Kiss F. I don't know why cannon does this but it drives me nuts!
    Canon Xs review
    Nikon D3000 review
    If you do a google search you will also find the .pdf version of the user manual for each camera (most camera manufactures post the manual on the web for free). The site I linked to also has a lot of camera reviews including all the latest Canon and Nikon Cameras.
    I agree with Wouter that you won't see much difference in image quality between the cameras and both have a number of settings that can be used to change the colors, contrast and other aspects of the images it produces

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