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  1. Hi,

    Used F4 and F100 lately in thosefilm times together with MF and LF systems.
    Waited for a good camera with enough MP from Nikon. Couldn't wait and bought Eos 5d II.
    Want to buy a DSLR with the Nikon lenses which don't want to sell to low price such as 50/1.4, 24-85mm 4.5/5.6 and 80-200/2.8.

    Mostly shooting landscape, kids, planes, building/architecture/city.

    Considering D7200 and D750. On the edge to D750 more for FF issue.

    Thank you for advices...
  2. The D7200 is a very nice camera but if you want wider angles you won't get them with those lenses and the crop sensor. To get the wide angle of a 24 on the crop sensor you'll have to go to around 16 mm.
  3. You want to use your film lenses then buy a FF.
  4. I agree that Full-frame (FX as Nikon calls it) is the way forward if you've been using a 5Dii. Otherwise your Nikon lens collection will be telephoto heavy.

    If you're after more megapixels then you should consider the D810. The D750's forte is low light. The D810 delivers the best IQ to price ratio in Nikon's range, while the D750 is the best option (in its price range) for high ISO ability. If you're not into low-light shooting then I recommend the D810, or a D610 if cost is an issue. The D610 gives you 24 Mp full-frame at around the same price as the DX D7200.
  5. I went from d7000 to d750. I don't think you will be disappointed if you go that route.
  6. If you want the best Nikon FF with the big MB, buy the D810. This as close to a no-brainer as there is.

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