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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by richard_rankin|2, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. I'm just starting to tray develop my own film (8x10 FP4+ in
    Rodinal). Today, after processing, fixing, washing, and wetting
    agent, I hung several sheets in the shower to dry. When the sheets
    were nearly dry, water came out of the shower head and rewet the
    film, but not evenly.<BR><BR>
    At a loss for a better solution, I shook the film as dry as possible
    and left it to dry again. Was there a better solution (other than
    making sure next time the shower head is empty...)? Should I have
    totally rewet the film?

  2. I would have re-washed the film in order to prevent an undue
    surface-stress for the emulsion.
  3. I would have (and in fact have) rewashed and treated again with Photo Flo to prevent spots when I was done cursing.
  4. same as above two posters.
  5. Richard,

    rewashing and using photo-flo again is the best solution. I have had to do this to a medium format color negative, as well as a 4x5 B&W negative before with no ill effects. Just repeat the same procedure as when you processed the film.

    Oh, next time don't hang it so close to the shower head. Good Luck!

    Tom Percival
  6. Richard, As above stated, rewash the entire sheet. If you do get a resulting spot from the intial spots of water, you will need to put the film in developer for about 3 minutes followed by a complete wash (no need to refix). The developer will soften the emulsion enough to erase all the water spots completely. You might only be able to see the intial water spots by making a print. I have had to do this several times and it works flawlessly!

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