Dropped my SB-400 speedlight flash

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ron_lee|3, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I dropped my SB-400 speedlight flash from a tabletop to a tile floor. Now, the ready light never goes to a solid red, and it only produces an occasional weak flash (photos come out dark). Is this fixable or do I need to buy a new one? Where do I get something like this fixed? Thanks in advance!
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  2. fill out this form, http://form.nikonimagesvcapprove.com/ mail it in, wait for your estimate.
  3. Time to get a New one SB-900 or a Used SB-800..... Sometimes you just need a excuse to Upgrade and Sometime Life gives you a reason to upgrade.....
    Sorry about you loss
  4. sorry to hear that. there's a $110 solution there or an SB-600 for a little over $200.
  5. Thanks, guys. I will mail it in and see what they say.
    I really liked the SB-400 (compared to my built in flash). But I have no basis for comparing it to the more expensive models you guys are suggesting. What am I missing out on?
  6. Ron, sorry about your SB-400.
    If you don't use light bouncing technique, SB-400 should be just fine. But if you do, I would strongly recommend SB-600. Bouncing light on the ceiling will give you more naturally lit images and SB-400 cannot bounce the light on the ceiling when you hold the camera in portrait orientation, which should be frustrating. Also, the output power of SB-400 is too small to bounce the light. All of SB-600, 800 and 900 can bounce the light in either (landscape or portrait) orientation and even the cheapest SB-600 has generally enough output power for the bounce.
    I used to use D40/18-55 kit lens/SB-600 combo which was a very handy and fairly inexpensive all-round system.

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