Drones that can carry different cameras?

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  1. I am wondering if there is any drone in the market that can carry different cameras. I found this drone called PlexiDrone that is able to carry GoPro Hero, Sony RX100, etc. Would also like to see if there is any other to do a comparison.
    Here is a link to their page:
  2. It's less about carrying them than it is about controlling the camera and seeing output from the camera while you're on the ground (so you can compose your shots, etc). If you're interested in video, then there's the issue of the drone having an active gimbal than can very precisely stabilize the camera, and a mount that will prevent vibrations (from the props, movement, etc) making through to the camera. On the smaller drones that generally carry smaller cameras like GoPros, the gimbals are very carefully tailored to the exact size and center of gravity of each camera - right down to how they balance based on where the battery goes, etc.

    If you go with a larger machine, you have more latitude for larger, more tunable gimbals and the other electronics needed to transmit live HD video to the camera operator on the ground. But the bigger you get, the more complex the rig, the more expensive the batteries, and the more you'll spend your time fiddling with the aircraft instead of taking pictures or making videos.

    I much prefer a completely integrated system (like DJI's products) that spare you from all that fuss and get you back to being a photographer. It's a matter of how you want to spend your time, and how reliable you have to be how quickly when you get on the scene of what you need to shoot. Carrying the camera isn't enough - you have to be able to USE the camera in a useful way, on the fly.
  3. To be clear DJI sells an integrated Micro4/3 camera (and a tuned fast compact 28mm-ish lens, and balance weights and adapter gears for a few others) on a gimbal to go with their drones. It looks like it only works with the fancy Inspire series. Otherwise most systems come with their own camera which is plenty good.
  4. Yes, DJI has a few variations on the M4/3 platform, but that is a heavier, and more power-hungry camera than could be flown on the smaller GoPro-sized quadcopters. DJI's X5-class cameras are native to the Inspire line, but can also be used on the larger M600/1000 hex/octo platforms.

    I use the X5 on an Inspire 1, and am looking closely at the X5S/Inspire 2 combo for a more affordable approach to the high video bit rates otherwise only had from the X5R.

    Regardless, all of those components are meant to work together, and very nicely support ground-side operations that integrate commonly owned phones/tablets as part of flight management.

    As for whether or not any given camera is good or good enough - it really depends on what you'll be shooting, under what conditions, and how the output will be used (and with what sort of skill).
  5. Hi Mike,
    The Plexidrone offers an impressive performance for the price. If this drone meets your needs, I think it would be hard to find another drone at this price range that can accommodate the range of cameras the Plexidrone does.
    I am a fan of DJI products, but they can't beat the features of the Plexidrone at its price range. The new DJI Mavic is a feature-rich drone that costs less, but does not accommodate various cameras.
    The DJI M600 with the Ronin-MX gimbal can accommodate multiple professional-level cameras, but the system price would be much higher than the Plexidrone.
    I guess your question begs another question: Why do you want a drone with camera interchangeability? If you can find a drone that has the capability of delivering the quality of photos/videos you want, why not purchase that drone? It may be more cost-effective.
  6. ZALA 421-16Е has increased loading capacity and it allows to carry additional equipment including a camera. You can take a look here zala-aero.com, there are also different kinds of software and hardware.

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