Drone photography during the pandemic

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  1. This spring, photographer Kiliii Yuyan (three i's perhaps due to his native Siberian ancestry) explored the West Coast to document how it was been fairing at the height of the pandemic. See, Life in the West During COVID-19. His social distancing included very effective uses of a drone for high-angle landscape shots. His website at, https://www.kiliii.com/ABOUT/1/caption, talks about his use of drone photography. His drone photographs are among the best that I have seen.

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  2. This is certainly the time to take advantage of lesser crowds in places that are routinely packed. I'm enjoying it!
  3. damn. Checked for him on instagram and WOW his feed is super cool.
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  4. I don't have a drone and I don't know much about drone photography, but ....

    What I really like about all the photos in this article is the way in which great (and 'functional') drone photos alternate with other (equally 'functional') traditional 'portrait' photos. It gives me the sense that for Kiliii Yuyan, the drone is essentially just 'another 'lens' that gives a different perspective that is useful for some shots and not for others.

    I especially like the fully integrated 'drone/traditional' portrayals of beachdancer Lila Danielle and Windsurfers Phil Soltysiak and Kelsey Cardwell!
  5. OK revisiting this, and this time around I read the linked "life in the west" article.
    Peoples' messages of positivity and love are completely appropriate and resonate especially well for the new year.
    To that end, I wish good health & love & happiness for everyone at Photo dot net in 2021.
  6. This is a great idea. And some places it's the only option. :)

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