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  1. bdp


    I don't know if this is the appropriate area for this, but I know people ask
    this once in a while.. What if I had $xxx to spend, what to buy? To me, it
    always seems there was never enough money involved to buy your "Dream Setup".
    So, my question is multipart and assumes that you are BUYING ALL NEW EQUIPMENT
    and not just adding to what you have. This is from the ground up, you
    currently have no equipment, what will you buy?

    So the questions are:

    1) How much money would you need to set up your dream system.

    2) What does your dream system consist of?

    3) What is the reasoning behind your dream?

    Mine seems to change constantly but roughly consists of:

    2 Canon 1DsMIII with 3 sets of extra batteries each ($17k)

    3 Canon 1DMIII with 3 sets of extra batteris for each ($15k)

    5 Metz 76 flash units with 2 batteries/flash unit (10 total) ($10k)

    5 Photogenic 1250DR flash units ($2.5k)

    5 Umbrellas ($1k)

    5 Rectangular soft boxes ($1.5k)

    10 PWizards ($1.7k)

    1 Kick A$$ Computer ($8k)

    2 30" monitors ($5k)

    The pricing is approximate, and I know there's more.. but can' think of any at
    the moment.

    Looking forward to the responses.
  2. Disposable camera...$5
  3. Disposable Camera...$5,


    (the other way looks like $5 talent!)
  4. Those are some expensive umbrellas!

    One of the most important elements missing from your dream system are the lenses. Those big heavy bodies may be nice to lug around all day during a wedding, and they will be even lighter without lenses. Different purposes require different lenses and everybody has their preferences. If you are talking dream system for wedding photographers, we might mention something about the wheeled box or the backpack we haul stuff around in. We might talk about the most comfortable shoes. We might talk about flashes with battery packs that may not be the most expensive or brightest but are much lighter and last longer. We might talk about the f/2.8 zoom lenses or the straps that allow us to sling two cameras around our necks at the same time without getting strangled.
  5. You need to consider what you will do when flash is not allowed.

    For this you may need to consider the new king camera with low noise at 6400 ISO or higher.

    Once you spend tons of $$$$, go to it...it is your money
  6. Hilarious Gary. I finally got sick of fretting over lost and misplaced caps and ordered replacement spares. Haven't lost one since : -)

    Bob, I have what most would consider a "dream" system. But a dream is a moving target in these days of rapidly advancing technology. If you fixate on gear, today's dream becomes tomorrow's nightmare because it's now obsolete. If you fixate on expressing your vision, and build your gear bag around that and nothing more, then what you have is a dream come true.

    But what the heck, this isn't the thread to lecture on ... it's a daydream ... and a daydream is suppose to be fun : -)

    Since I have the current dream system, here's my wish-list Dream System:

    1) a DSLR about the size of a 5D with full frame 18 to 25 meg CCD sensor sporting ISOs to a noiseless 8000. Zeiss, Schneider, or Leica AF optical system. In camera motion control stabilizer & dust reduction. Dual SD card capture. Built-in radio transmitter module for off-camera flash compatible with new shoe mount TTL bare-bulb flash unit with an array of light modifiers.

    2) Leica digital rangefinder that uses current M mount lenses. Full frame 16 meg high ISO sensor with electronic in-viewfinder focus confirmation.

    3) A 54 meg Medium Format 6X6 "universal" digital back for all current V mount Hasselblad cameras... and adapter plates to use it on Rollei 6X6, Hy6, and Mamiya 6X7 medium format cameras.

    If all that happened, I'd have to sell off the dream Aston Martin DBS : -)
  7. Something that's not so bloody heavy!
  8. While upgrading your equipment may improve your images, you can quickly reach a point of diminishing returns, where the extra money just doesn't produce a return that justifies the expendatures. For a wedding forum I think we have way too much interest in equipment most of the time.

    A marathon runner will have some opinions/concerns about his running shoes but you need to look past the equipment to truly appreciate the art and the experience.
  9. Well said David. Too many people focus on the equipment.
  10. I agree with David as well. Where's the training/classes budget? Technique/Style is more important to me then discussing gear all the time. 90% of all DSLR's out there will do the job well. It's a non-issue anymore. Get good GLASS, and learn light. :) My $.02
  11. I guess it IS a thread for lecturing.


  12. My dream system is the stuff Marc has :)
  13. Charles,

    Your $.02 is worth more than Bob's dream list!
  14. If I was dreaming I would want my 5D's in 14 bit, far more cross sensors with AF adjust, noise of the 1D mkIII and weather proofing. What I don't want or need is more megapixels. No doubt the sucessor tom the 5D (if it ever happens) will have all these features but there is no way I could afford them anyway! I would also not mind a 50mm as sharp at f1.8 as my 85mm 1.8 and I would kill for a 24-70L with IS.

    To be honest though I've been pretty happy with what I have though. I don't have much gear envy as all the alternatives seem to come with their own package of limitations (size, crop, lens selection, cost, etc).

    As others have stated above, gear is only part of the equation, for a working pro gear envy is envy of equipment that will make their work easier, better is far more subjective!
  15. bdp


    I think my point was lost. I wasn't looking for what is the ideal system for me or suggestions, I was just curious as to what everyone would get if they could get, right now in time, their perfect system.

    Knowing that it would be exinct in quick time due to advances, it was just a general question.
  16. I'd maybe switch to the Nikon D3 with all the fast zooms, fast primes and Sb-800s I could get, and including some Zeiss lense.
  17. I'd like a digital (12-14 mp),full-frame version of Nikon's FM3a. To go with that I like the following lenses: a 20/2.8 AFS, a 35/1.4 AFS and 105/2.5 AFS.
  18. I'm with Nadine. D3 and fast glass.... gotta love printable 6400 ISO!
  19. I can't imagine why one would need five bodies, come on! And then upgrade all of those as the next versions come out, right ...
  20. I'm actually pretty happy with what canon already has out there.

    I would enjoy:

    two free assistant who could each carry around a wireless TTL flash with a huge power range (from 1/5000 power to full power, F22 at 50 feet, ISO 100) with a softbox...

    three other free assistants with 10 x 10 foot reflector and diffuser panels in order to create incredible light anywhere...

    the only technical thing I would really like is a clean, printable 12800 ISO. that would be lovely...

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