Dream photographic location and why?

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  1. This is a very open ended question, but I am interested in what would be a dream photo location to others and why it would be. This
    could be a geographical location, an event, a gathering. Something where the elements you like to photograph would present
    themselves just right for you. For me it would be antarctica, and Patagonia. My reasons are Antarctica for the pristine unique
    landscape sea scape and wildlife, and Patagonia for the people and the landscape, rugged yet beautiful. Both bucket list items.
  2. I'd like a nice mirrorless camera in my dreams. The reason is I often forgot most of my dreams when I woke up
  3. I would also put Patagonia and Antarctica at the top, but I cannot justify the cost, given that ice bergs can be seen in Greenland (though different, the arctic has its own charm) which is closer to Finland so less travel fatigue, jet lag, and much lower cost for me.
    Another location is Iceland, which I have already briefly visited, but I am planning on doing a longer, 2-3 week trip circling around the country in the summer, just haven't decided which summer. ;-) The icelandic landscape is quite spectacular. Trouble is that it can be very windy and some places are not so safe. Last time I went there the wind sometimes literally prevented me from opening the car door, and blew my tripod (G1348 II) into the ground. I got a bunch of blurry images... along with a few good ones. But the spectacularity of the location cannot be debated.
    In addition, Kioto in Japan, some landscapes in China, the Samba Carnival in Rio, are on my list and will probably be realized. But I don't think I will be able to justify the expenditure to go to Antarctica.
  4. Antarctica and the carnival in Rio are also very high on my list. As is the Norwegian coastline and the moon. The Antarctic and Norway for their natural beauty and the carnival for it's general colourfulness. The moon because it's not overrun by photographers. Yet ;-)
  5. For me, it is Valencia Spain for Las Fallas. I'm a bit of a pyro.
  6. I'm with Lupo on this one...the CIA at Greystone in Napa CA.
  7. I'd like to revisit the sites in California where I spent a month with Ansel Adams back so many years ago.
  8. Alaska and New Zealand, both for Wildlife and Landscape opportunities.
  9. East Africa or the Arctic during mass animal migrations. Animals, movement and amazing life/death scenes everywhere for days.
  10. It's nothing more than a fantasy, but I'd love to be invisible, along with my gear. I'd love to photograph people going about their daily activities without being seen -- without impacting whatever it is I'm trying to photograph. The best I can achieve is inconspicuousness -- on a good day.
  11. Top 5: North Korea, Iran, Karakoram region/Central Asia, Mongolia, India
    Second tier: Siberia, Cuba, Chile, Nigeria, Greenland
    ...Because I have a wandering soul and I'm ambitious in adventures. Ooh, I like photographs too, of course.
  12. I spent 18 months working in arctic Norway's Finnmark. The cleanest air in the accessible world. Zero haze or dust in the air. If Alaska was like that I'd happy accept a paid return ticket :)
  13. I would have to say Russia, Italy, India and Cuba again. And Leslie I'm sure you'd have a blast in Cuba I did.
  14. Australia, Canada and Iceland are the first 3 that come up, after those countries the USA especially Yellowstone park.
  15. Australia, from alpine regions through to desert, rainforest to the aridity of the kimberleys, very unusual fauna both past and present, and the accent on the laconic soul of mankind, plus the frenetic activity of the major cities....the embodiment of Tao prevails here.
  16. James, I forgot to mention new zealand, and to think it is just over the ditch. Its alos a must do for me.
  17. Spearhead

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    Of the places I've visited, Vietnam and Morocco. Of the places I haven't, Leslie's list is pretty close, although I would substitute Peru for Chile.
  18. I have always wanted to visit Yosemite National Park. I know that many people have photographed the area but I don't care. It is on my photography bucket list. I would also like to photograph the Northern Lights.
  19. There are some places i did not mention, because I AM GOING THERE THIS YEAR in April, woo hoo. Death Valley, Yosimite National Park, Zion, Bryce, Antelope, Grand Canyon, Alaska, Oregon Coast. To me this is a photographic trip of a lifetime. I knwo to a lot of my American friends its no big deal, but for me the natural Buety of Western USA is a Must do. I would Also love to go to Ngorangoro National park and the serengetti for wild life. That is also on my to do list
  20. In addition to what I listed above, I would like to go somewhere where there is no light pollution to see and photograph the Milky Way and Zodiacal Light.
  21. East Africa and India for me. I've promised my wife for years that these are on the list, and just haven't been able to make it happen. We are compiling lists of animals, places and events - it's going to happen.
  22. My dream location (since I'm dreaming) would be amongst Saturn's moons. Imagine zipping around there, lining up the moons with the sunlight and the rings, getting the shot of a lifetime.
    If not that, I'd like to circumnavigate the Mediterranean in a year.
    Even more realistic would be a month in GB and Eire. But I'll settle for a couple of weeks in Alaska.
  23. stp


    Alaska, China, North Korea, Thailand, Nepal, India, East Africa, Antarctica, Galapagos Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Namibia, NE U.S. in the fall, Patagonia, Myanmar, Viet Nam, Egypt, and probably a few more. Realistically, I'll probably get to wherever my truck is able to take me.
  24. Somewhere no human eye has ever seen. Maybe a cascading waterfall in the wilderness of Alaska that no one even knows exists... or something like that. And of course, the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker.
  25. Anywhere with nature subjects, good scenics, and clear night skies away from light pollution. New Zealand comes to mind. Also wouldn't mind the back country of Yosemite, been there once, always wanted to return. Would also like some of the areas in northern British Columbia or Alaska, been on this astronomy kick for the past couple of years, would love to photograph northern lights. Come on sun, fire up those sunspots, ya been keeping us in suspense for too long!
  26. The surface of Mars -- on or near Mt. Olympus.
    Otherwise, to dream smaller, a photo exploration of the Andes.
    Smaller yet -- a full, all-access photo press pass with moto escort of the Tour de France.
  27. I'd prefer to stay closer at home. I've been in many great places and sure, there are a lot yet I would like to visit, but I've always gladly come back to the Netherlands only to realise how great the place/country is where I live. I really have to shoot a lot more close to home.
  28. david_henderson

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    I've learned to separate photography and travel to the extent that I tend to visit places that will facilitate a certain type of photography, and not just because I like the idea of travelling there. Equally, conditions are at least as important as destinations for me. For example I like being in Venice, but I'll only go at times of the year when I might see some mist, or snow, and when there aren't too many tourists about.
  29. Samarkand.
  30. I dream of visiting the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, because the photos that I've seen look lovely, and I've
    never had the pleasure of visiting those places. Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan would be amazing. Dubai for architecture and
    The Netherlands for tulip season. And maybe Halle Berry's dressing room because, hey, why not? ;-)
  31. I too have always wanted to live in Alaska. My dream has come true! I am currently deployed but when I return, let the photography begin. My wife bought me a Canon for Christmas and some equipment. I have always loved photography!
  32. Spearhead

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    Narnia, even though I'm not a nature shooter.

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