dream camera (maybe, maybe not)

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  1. In the 1976 movie "The Man Who Fell to Earth" an invented camera is touted to be self-loading, self-exposing, self-focusing, self-developing, no light needed, and it "sees more than you do." Wotta camera!
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  2. I'll be content with one that will utilize movements to automatically get more than just one eye in focus.
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  3. Sounds just like my iPhone
  4. I'd settle for truly infinite depth-of-field.
  5. That occurred to me, too, except "no light needed."
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  6. My dream camera is the one we wouldn’t talk about …
  7. Why wouldn't we talk about it?
  8. To view other’s photos :)
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  9. So where is your pinhole?
  10. ITOREX PAN-FOCUS LENS 50mm f/1:40
  11. Because we’d be talking about the pictures. :)
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  12. At t his point, I couldnt really say exactly what my dream camera would be..... most of the aforementioned attributes would all be helpful, tho!
  13. I'd go with the back-up camera on a Porsche 911. Car included of course.
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  14. My dream camera would come with better equipment in the 30 cm behind the viewfinder.

    Nah, too primitive. I'd want the backup camera from an EV, with the car included.
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  16. You're not asking for much, are you? :)

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