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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by sanford, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. I know I can hold down "command" and highlight multiple photos in a folder but how can can I drag ten or so to a new folder at the same time?
  2. Thanks, question was answered by Al in personal email.
  3. I hope someone can answer a related question. I have too many folders on my desktop. Apple told me I could create another folder (I will call it Folder X) and drag the other folders into Folder X until I decide what I am going to do with them. I grabbed folders and dropped them in Folder X. Some folders are not a problem at all, but other folders sometimes go into another folder of images inside of Folder X instead of creating another folder in Folder X. Any ideas as to how to keep folders separate inside Folder X? Hope that was not too confusing:)
  4. Nobody know less about Macs than me, but my guess is you may be releasing the dragged folder while you cursor is positioned over another folder.
  5. Does each one have a unique name?
  6. Wrong Sanford, I am king of the mac dummies.
    LOL Apple probably created a special dept. for all my calls. LOL The transition from PC to Mac has not been easy and I have had the iMac for over a year. It's not fun being technically challenged. I am just holding the folder over Folder X (which is unopened) when dropping the other folders into Folder X.
  7. Try opening folder X before draging the new folder in. There is NO WAY you have more calls into Apple than I do - I have an extended warranty.
  8. sorry--double post-deleted (see how tech challenged I am:)
  9. I have extended warranty also. No way I would of bought it without the 3 year warranty. I actually had problems with the imac within first couple of months and they sent tech to my home and replaced the dvd part (can't think of the name. It did not fix the problem. iMac very noisy when reading a dcd/cd and is very slow to open a disc. Some techs say it is normal and some say it is not. I'm stuck with clunkity clunkity noises...but that is for another thread.
    I have had to change the way I name files since switching to the mac. Not happy with the results. I do folders by date and give them a name related to event
    EX:4-8-10-Hammerheads Night Club, 5-5-10-Trip West, 6-4-09-Elcano sailboat-terry cove pier.
    I thought by doing folders by date that they would be in chronological order. They are in order according to month but not according to year like the pc did. So a folder from June 2008 may be next to folder from June 2010. Is that normal for a mac? (Sorry, that is another question).
  10. While you are in the folder go up to the menu bar and select "View", "Arrange By", Date Created. If you are going by the sub folders names you need to name them so the year shows first such as "Pictures 100828" instead of "Pictures 082810"
  11. Funny thread
  12. Thanks Steven Biegler - Yes, I knew about arranging by date, name etc.. But why do only some sub-folders keep going into other sub-folders when I drag them into Folder X? I want to keep them separate.They are all listed the same way (by date, followed by subject)
    Also, it appears that I can only arrange when folders are in Icon view and not in List view in my Pictures Gallery but I can arrange either way on the Desktop. Odd...
    So according to what you posted I guess I have to rename a thousand or so galleries by the year first, followed by month and day. Ughhh...
    100828, 082810 etc is going to take awhile to get used to. Does it matter if a hyphen- is put in between the year-month-day?
    When I had the pc I just used the folder name that Nikon software furnished followed by the date and info. EX: Img0620-1-12-09-bridges, Img0621-1-22-09-surfing and the Img. number kept everything nice and neat. But when I switched to Mac I had a new set of numbers and symbols when downloading pix and just started using that but, then changed the dates on all the folders to by date arrangement that have been created after getting the mac. What a mess. Dumb question but is there some way to flip a few hundred dates around? I mean someway to exchange placement of year with placement of month:)
    For anyone that might save folders by chronological order, any tips are appreciated.
  13. John,
    One of the reasons I see most people having issues when making the switch from PC to Mac is because they are use to the way a PC works. Its hard to let go to that thinking. If they both worked exactly the same way then there would hardly be a point to having 2 different platforms. Try to forget the PC and your Mac experience will improve.
    You have not mentioned what software you are using to import your photos. Or are you just dragging from your camera/card reader on to your HDD? Is that how you imported your old PC files to your Mac?
    I prefer using Lightroom to do the import. It allows me to create and name a folder to import the photos and then imports them into a dated file. Since I have several cameras I start with a folder based on the camera model, then a folder for location, then the date. I leave each photo file named as the camera named it (ex D300/eastern state penitentiary/2010/2010-08-25/DSC_0001.NEF).
    This ensures me that all of my photos are easy to find.
  14. John:
    Let's say you have Folder A and Folder B on your desktop. You make a new folder on the desktop and call it Folder X. Now you should see a picture of a folder on your desktop with the text Folder X underneath it.
    If you drag Folder A on the picture of the folder for Folder X, Folder A will go directly into Folder X. But if you then open up Folder X and try to drag Folder B into Folder X's window, the results will be less predictable. If Folder B lands in some open space in Folder X's window, it will go in Folder X. If, however, you drop Folder B on another folder inside of Folder X, Folder B will end up in the folder where you dropped it.
    My recommendation is to leave Folder X closed when you're dragging and dropping and just drop the other folders onto Folder X's folder icon. However, no matter where your folders end up, you can eventually drag them to the right place, even if you have to drag them back to the desk top temporarily as an intermediate step.
    The Command key lets you select multiple files to open or drag all at once. Once you have selected them, release the Command and just drag one of the files with the mouse to its destination. All of your selected files will move at the same time.
    If you hold the Option key down while you drag the files, copies will be made at the destination and the original files will remain where they were. If you don't use the Option key, the files will be moved UNLESS you are copying them to a different drive. If you are moving them to a different drive, always use the Option key. Otherwise, only the file NAMES and ICONS will be copied, but the files' contents will be left behind in the original location.
    Experiment with some junk files that you wouldn't mind losing before you try this with irreplaceable content. Once you see how it works, it will seem very straightforward.
  15. Thanks Dan, that is some useful information. I have been duplicating the folder before moving the photos so the originals would stay in place. It can take over ten minutes for six hundred photos to copy to a duplicate folder. I see you've been taking photos down the coast from me.
  16. i find it funny to have someone bash on a product on one (old) post, and declare he barely know the platform in another newer one.. its like saying that Nikon suck at getting good image, but not knowing anything about how to take a picture... Im glad you now get the right information, and happy that info will help you.
    Many Apple store offer what they call a one on one private lesson, its a good thing to do for fast and direct way to learn a new beast.
    just a observation, i seriously dont want to start another non sense thread.. just a observation.. im thinking out loud.
  17. Well Partick, you probably don't need to know anything about a Mac to know that when you turn it on and the wireless keyboard doesn't connect (about eight times this week so far) that there is something wrong with that machine. I could give you a dozen such examples if I cared to take the time. And, please don't tell me to check the batteries. P.S., why make a useless observation and then run for the hills.
  18. About the best way is to have that Mac online and used Google to answer ones "how to do this questions"
    unless one mentions the OS variant one can get an answer that might not work; or there can be an easier way.
    So you mention the variant; ie got to "about this Mac" and find the version.
    A 2006 Mac here has 10.4.11 with Intel cpu. I find I get better answers by mentioning or searching for answers based on the OS software version.
    One really is a better "hire" in industry if one knows how to use a PC and a Mac.
  19. Sanford, im still here.. i rarely run ; )
    i dont think a observation can be useless.
  20. I have pretty much fully transitioned from PC to Mac, and am a systems IT professional. To Kevin's point, yes -- OS's work differently and you have to be able to adapt. However, while there are a lot of great things about Mac OS, Finder is an absolutely horrible application for file management; Windows, no-contest, wins in that area.
    There is a product called Pathfinder that offers a lot of the windows-superior features such as showing a tree of folders on the side, two panes within one window, allows CUT (cmd-x) and paste of files, etc. It costs a few bucks, but for power users who are accustomed to a more capable file management -- it is well worth it.
  21. one can also use the colums view (kind of like windows) and when you select your file you can also use the cmd+c to copy them, and the cmd + v to paste them in another folder / HD / area of your Mac.. again, like in windows ; )
    already part of the Mac OS.
  22. Patrick, mac allows a 'copy', but not a 'cut'.
    Moving files should be easier than having to open two windows :) Really, it's quite lacking. If you've never moved files using cmd-x, then cmd-v within the same window -- you might not 'miss' this feature, but it's rather hard to escape once you are accustomed to this more streamlined method.
  23. i understand.
    just to remind newer user, if both folder are on the same HD, if you drag and drop the image from one folder to the other, the image will not be copy but move only (meaning folder A will be empty after he fill folder B) if you transfer file from folder A on HD1 to folder B to HD2, the file are copy.. therefore you have now 2 folder with the exact same images in them...
  24. Guess I'm not getting it. Once you've selected multiple files, you just drag the selected group to another

    Is it really that complicated? Seems intuitive to me...
  25. edit: disregard
  26. I don't get it either. And I use Ubuntu.

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