DR Summicron hood

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  1. Which lens hood is recommended for the 50 mm F2 DR Summicron? Thanks.
  2. leica-recommended or user-recommended? if the latter, 12585 here (it also has no-name clones at a fraction of the price). you certainly have options--rigid/collapsible, clip-on/screw-in, etc.--and all have their merits
  3. So far as I can tell they all work. The trick is finding which one causes less pain for you in the viewfinder. I'm partial to the folding/rectangular one myself, but to be honest I don't often use a shade with this fantastic lens.
  4. I don't recall the model #, but there was a dedicated Leica hood for the DR that was unique from all others in that when mounted, it engaged the two notches on the aperture ring while completely covering the aperture scale on the ring. The outside of the hood had a replicate aperture scale that allowed you to change the aperture by simply turning the hood. Very neat setup as the later clip-on hoods when mounted on the DR leave little space to change the aperture with your fingers since the rear of the hood backs right up against the milled finger grips of the aperture ring.
  5. Looking it up once, I found that there is a hood which had two sets of clips, one for holding it on normally, and one for holding it on reversed. However, I have an older hood, marked Summaron 3,5cm, Summicron 5cm, which is painted black and has a silver ring. Works well, but doesn't attach reversed. It has no part number engraved, unfortunately.

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