Downtown Pittsburgh (PA USA)

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by thebs, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. I fired off some quick shots around 7pm (near dusk) on Saturday). None of my RAW shots were memorable, but this simple JPEG came through quite well. I probably need to shift my view a tad to the right to get more of the buildings as there is space to the left of stadium I can lose.
    Taken with the K100D using a $125 eBay-special Zenitar 16mm Fisheye at f/8.0, 1/750th shutter and EV +0.5. The barrel distortion isn't too terribly bad with this lens until you get to the corners (like the lower-right). The Zenitar definitely looks much better with RAW (the detail it provides is much better than what the JPEG processing can use well), and I'm going to head back out this weekend to try again -- possibly get a good bracketed set for my first HDR attempt.
  2. That is quite a nice shot. I often like using a Pentax fisheye zoom for such a shot. The DSLR helps the use of such a lens because it crops off some of the fisheye edge, reducing distortion. It is of course no longer as wide, but still pretty wide!

    I think I know that spot. I shot some film from around there once. I seem to remember a nice restaurant near there.
  3. Yes, the restaurant is at the top of Mount Washington. Also a little bit to the right but out of the frame is the Duquesne Incline funicular railway that goes from the river up to the top of the hill.

    The Zenitar is actually pretty sharp when you stop it down to f/11. According to Bob Atkins it gives the same view as a 20mm wide angle in 35mm terms.
  4. By the way. Pittsburgh is one of those out of the way cities that no one goes to very much. For that reason not many know what a beautiful and photogenic city it really is. It is one of the most spectacularly situated cities in America, right at the confluence of those three rivers.
  5. Wayne I agree with both statements, beautiful but out of the way.

    We were just talking about Pittsburgh the other day and those were the sentiments. Really it's nearly a full days drive from the next major city (it's debatable if Cleveland is major, but I did grow up in NY so to me every city is only average sized so thats purely subjective).

    Nice shot bryan, I still haven't made it out there for a game. Maybe in September if I can get Baltimore and Pittsburgh in the same weekend.
  6. "Really it's nearly a full days drive from the next major city (it's debatable if Cleveland is major"

    I'm not sure where you're driving from, however Pittsburgh is only a 3.5 hour drive from DC and/or Baltimore, and Cleveland is the ugly suburb of Pittsburgh.

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