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  1. I am selling all my APS-C Canon equipment and just keeping the full frame Canon Stuff. Someone can pick up some bargains from my classified ad. All good gear and I like the pictures that I've gotten from it but I've decided to concentrate on the full frame Canon and maybe move into some mirrorless. I have shot everything from landscape to weddings with the gear I'm selling and I may regret it but I think it's time for me to lighten up.
  2. Personally, I have kept and even updated my APS-C cameras to use with long telephotos for even more reach. That 1.6X factor is very nice with my multitude of mirror lenses, for example. I have telextenders, but they don't produce quite so nice results.

    On the other hand, everything is getting heavier, somehow:(
  3. I've 'lightened up'
    (with pancake lens)

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