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Discussion in 'Pentax' started by tammy_snyder, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I took some photos this morning but they are not downloading to the computer. I took these in RAW.
    I don't think that's the problem though, as I have downloaded other RAW photos before.
    Any idea why and how to fix this?
    I have the Pentax K7
  2. sometimes the cameras needs enough battery. Check the battery level. are you downloading directly from camera?
  3. Too many unkowns. Same card you've used before or something new? Do you use a card reader? Do you put the card in the computer (does it have an SD slot)? Using the camera via cable?
  4. Hello,

    Yes, it's the same card and a fully charged battery. I download it via the cable.
    I had to go to the Pentax software to download it though I haven't had to do that before. At least I got it. Phew!

  5. Might be a good idea to get one of those little USB SDHC card reader?
    I've used this ever since I got my first digital camera and never had to use the cables.
    Just a thought.
  6. After you get the files off the card, format the card in the camera (once the cable is detached). You should be simole able to cust and paste the file over to the computer so something is a little odd. It could simply be the computer needs to be rebooted.
    I don't use the camera for this myself. I use an SD slot in the computer or a card reader.
  7. You can manually transfer the images if you get a picture card reader that will plug into the computers USB port.
    First, turn the camera OFF, and take the picture card out of the camera. Be careful to keep your fingers away from the gold electrical contacts.
    Second, insert the picture card into the slot on the picture card reader. Make sure your orient the picture card the right way, and it should just slide right in.
    Third, attach the picture card reader to an unused USB slot on the computer. (I'm assuming you are using some modern Windows type system, like Windows XP or later). The computer should detect the new device and activate a connection to it. Watch the bottom right corner of the screen for the msg "New hardware is ready to use".
    Fourth, double-click on My Computer to bring up a window showing you the list of local drives. The os should have mapped that card reader to one of the local drive letters. Figure out which drive letter is mapped to the picture card, and double-click that drive letter entry.
    Fifth, you should see a folder saying DCIM, and underneath it, another folder with the model number, like D300. Your picture files are likely under that second level folder. Double-click on the folder names till you find the folder that holds the picture files. Then, go UP one level so that particulat folder (that holds the pictures) is listed there in the window.
    Sixth, do a Right Click on that folder and select COPY from the little menu. This will copy the folder contents (your picture files) into computer paste buffer. Then close out that windows by clicking the [X] at top right corner.
    Seventh, double-click on MyComputer again, and then double-click on the (C) Drive (or another local drive), then navigate down into a local folder where you want to dump the picture files.
    Eight, when you are in the dump folder, do a Right Click in the window, and select PASTE. This will cause the system to dump the contents of the paste buffer (your pictures) into the local folder (the dump folder). You should then see the system copying each picture file from the picture card reader to the dump folder. Give the system enough time to copy all the picture files.
    Nine. When you double-click the new folder you just dumped (containing the picture files), you should now see all your picture files. You can go to the top of the window, select VIEW, and then select which ever type of window view mode you prefer.
    Ten. When you are ready to disconnect the Card Reader from the system, be sure you click the Safely Remove Widget at the bottom right corner of the screen. This widget looks like a little computer chip with a green arrow floating over it. The system will respond by shutting down all access to the picture card reader and then displaying a little msg - 'Safe to Remove Hardware'. At that point its OK to physically disconnect the card reader from the computer.
    When you have verified that all picture files safely got copied to the computer, then its OK to reformat the picture card in the camera (using the camera's FORMAT function).
    This the basic process for manually copying the picture files off a picture card to the computer without having to rely on any special software program or background process.
  8. Great ideas. I didn't think to reformat. You do this everytime you download photos from the camera? Perhaps this is the problem. I just formated it when I first inserted it and not since. I don't have a USB card reader yet so have been using the cable. My old camera did and I miss using it.
    Thanks for the advice guys and all the time you took Alan.
    I appreciate you all!
  9. Not much more to add to Alan's post but yes, I format the cards on a regular basis. NOT in the computer but in the camera. If the shots I'm going to take that day are in any way important, the card is formated.
    Alan's very detailed explaination is the textbook way (and correct) to do it. I simply createa file on my desktop like "John's Birthday" or "April 5 2010" andd cut the file from the card, then paste it to the new folder.
  10. Thanks Peter. Good advice. I'll do that.
    I appreciate you!
  11. I wrestled with the same (to me) complex issue a few years ago, not being at all a computer person. I was not successful on first try, so the pics just wound up staying on my card and just viewed on my TV for a couple of years.
    I still shoot film, and therefore not as much digital as I would otherwise.
    I then tried again, after having a few cards full, following the camara manual's instructions carefully. Success! But it might be a few weeks before shooting digital again, so I would have to again look up all the steps. I finally discovered the quick download procedure offered in my supplied Pentax Browser window, and have used it ever since. Much easier! Create and name your new folder first, or determine the area where you want your pics to go. Just follow the prompts, and at a certain point the browser will give you a screen to select the folder you want for the deposit of your pics. Upon the dsconnect, my computer produces a little window that has a "stop" button,after which I can remove the camera or card reader.
    Get a card reader. I have a SanDisc reader that accepts CF and SD or SDHC cards. Works fine. It did not cost much. I got mine at Adorama or B&H, I forget which. Just plug it in and use the download icon in your Pentax Browser. That easy.

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