Downloading Final cut pro EXPRESS for free vs not.

Discussion in 'Video' started by jameshaskins, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    I just got my first macbook pro (13" 2.4 ghz + external hd) and im very excited! i love it..
    I have over 25 hours of video that i eventually need to edit and put together..
    I want to get right into final cut and not waist too much time on imovie, so ive been looking around.
    I was told to just download it on one of the many sites (non torrent), where its possible to get it for free. I am NOT a professional and will not use any of my work to make money. It seems too good to be true because there are lots of programs that go for over a grand, here you can get them for free in 20 min.
    My question is this, do the downloaded versions have any differences from the original? does my computer risk anything? ( i know mac's don't get viruses).
    A friend that told me about this said that ALL university students download their programs, wether it's final cut or design programs for engineering etc.. all of which cost over 1000$. No student has that kind of money.. As long as it's not used for commercial perposes.
    Anyway, i googled the heck out of this question and oddly couldn't find answers. Is it worth doing?
    Thanks a lot
  2. Are you serious?
    Assuming this isn't some sort of troll, downloading a commercial program without paying for it is commonly known as "piracy" and is against the law. Using pirated software does bear a risk of installing compromised software onto your computer, as who knows what might have been added to it. Malicious software of all types can and does run on all operating systems, including the Mac.
    Up to you if you feel the legal, ethical and risk issues matter to you or not.
  3. Wow..

    Either this beer is *really* strong or did you just ask on a huge internet forum if it's okay to pirate
    software? No it's not okay to pirate software, I don't care if you make money off it or not.

    Have a read of this link about a small software developer with piracy problems:
  4. To partially rephrase your question: What could happen if you download commercial software without paying for it? It depends on your lawyer, the mood of the judge on the day of sentencing, etc. Many people might get away with it, but that doesn't matter, it is wrong and illegal. Also, please understand what you are saying. You have been a member of for five years. Asking for help in committing a crime may be considered a violation of's terms of use.
    That said, and it was important for each of us to say it, university students (and faculty, sometimes staff) frequently qualify for large discounts on commercial software. In other cases, a university will purchase a site license that covers the cost for a particular piece of software for everyone who works at its site. Mac, which sells Final Cut, even has small discounts on its hardware for university students and faculty.
  5. Just download it, and try to find a good lawyer for the few bucks that you save....
    Now seriously: you can import iMovie projects in Final Cut Express. So just start with iMovie, and when you have saved some money just buy FCE.
  6. "i know mac's don't get viruses"
    WRONG! They are less likely to get a virus, and most out there aren't malicious, but they do exist. That said, I have been using Macs since 1993, and only had 1 virus in 1997, but I don't download a bunch of stuff like this either. You CAN get a virus doing this, and you may loose A LOT of data and hard work because of it.
    And don't think that just because it works fine for a week, you don't have a virus. They can lay dormant for a while then hit you, and if you've DL'd several applications, you may never know which one was tainted.
    Even if the DL'd copy is PERFECT, the bigger the file, the more likely it will be corrupt by the time you DL and install it. It may act flaky, erratic, screw-up your work, etc., and you'll have no support from Apple if you have trouble.
    You had the money for the hardware, cough up the bucks for the software. The academic price is $179 for FCE.
  7. Im not here saying i'd do it. I'm simply asking what is the pubblic opinion.
    Some people act as if i said gods name in vain. Hello people! It's like when people get suprised cause they find out their 30 year old daughter isnt really a virgin before getting married. "omg he used the p-word on a forum! (piracy)"
    Im not saying id do it cause a lot of people do, but im asking why can so many people do it? espescially if its nearly ALL of the university students.
    so try to understand im not asking anyone to help commit a crime but to give me a logic reason to how this can even be possible..
    To say the truth i was quite suprised myself that it could even be possible..
    and once i have saved a few bucks i will buy FCE......with a student/faculty discount.
    Is everyone happy? or is the beer still too strong?
  8. James: You can understand that when you asked, "does my computer risk anything?" that people here might, indeed, think that you were talking about your computer. Right?

    As for "nearly ALL" students doing it ... I wouldn't be so sure. Many schools have draconian policies about such things, including expulsion from the school for doing it. Certainly large numbers of student-age people have a grotesque sense of entitlement to free entertainment, and when they've become used to ripping off movies and music, it's not such a stretch for them to rip off commercial software, too. I always roll my eyes, though, at students looking to get into creative professions (where they intend to make a living creating music, video, films, photography, etc) thinking that ripping off someone else's work is no big deal.

    And yes: using cracked software means running a program that someone has modified (so that it doesn't phone home to the publisher for licensing info). When you install software that an anonymous third party has modified, you are opening the door wide to all sorts of Trojans, rootkits, and other malware. That's just as true on a Mac as it is on a Linux or Windows machine.
  9. James,
    Your problem is more serious than I realized at first. Members of produce intellectual property every time they shoot a photograph. There are many threads here from members who have seen their work displayed on the web without permission or payment, asking how to stop and/or catch those who have violated their copyright, or how to keep clients from illegally duplicating the work they have produced. In effect, you were asking for information to help you steal intellectual property. It is as if you entered a forum of restaurant owners and asked how best to leave eating establishments without paying the bill. Yet you were surprised by the response you received. To make things worse, you replied, in a public forum, acknowledging the warnings you received, thus making things easier for any prosecutor if you are caught. This suggests another reason why you might want to consider obtaining software legally -- those you've observed stealing software might be smart enough to get away with it, at least for a time. You may not possess the same ability.
  10. There are lower cost "academic" versions of most software available, and a surprising number of students buy those from legitimate sources, rather than steeling.
    Someone whose teachings I value greatly once said to me "good art can't come from bad karma".
    I produce and sell photographs, videos, the occasional song, flutes, and software. So, I don't really have to tell you my views on software piracy, do I?
  11. Matt Lauer - I always roll my eyes, though, at students looking to get into creative professions (where they intend to make a living creating music, video, films, photography, etc) thinking that ripping off someone else's work is no big deal.​
    It's always amazed me, too. It's also amazed me how many seasoned pros will bootleg incredible amounts of software, or use unlicensed popular music on their websites or slide-show DVDs, yet scream bloody murder if they catch someone stealing their images.
    The folks going on about how much the inexpensive "Craig's List" wedding photographers and Uncle Earl with a DSLR are hurting their wedding photography business are just about as hilarious, because I've seen the same people (yes, I can name names) also looking for "royalty free music", you know, the stuff recorded by bands and orchestras in impoverished countries at rates a small fraction of America or Europe. But that's a topic for another day.
    James Haskins - Im not here saying i'd do it. I'm simply asking what is the pubblic opinion.​
    No, James, that's backpedaling. You asked specific questions that made it quite clear that you intend to do it.
    James Haskins - espescially if its nearly ALL of the university students.​
    It isn't true of "nearly ALL" students. That's just what your "friend" said. And even if it was true, are you a rebellious college student, who has little appreciation for financial matters, and has yet to get paid for any art? Why are you using what your friend says that they do as justification for what you do?
  12. I do give the OP some credit, though: This is the most activity I've ever seen in the video forum.
  13. Thanks everyone for your input, good or bad. Some may disect and analize my first post, and then you can make what you will of it. Some people just have the urge to point fingers.
    The point is, i just came to hear about the possability of doing this about two days ago, and was pretty shocked. Exactly cause its a lot of work to put these programs together and because they are so expensive, that it would even be possible to copy them so easily.
    Some seem to have taken it personaly as if someone were stealing your own photos, which is a big concern to all professional photographers. I'm no professional but i'd have issues if people were taking my photos.
    There is no backpedaling here.. it's a discussion about something i know nothing about. It's obvious my posts are going to differ one from the other. I don't find that very difficult to understand.
    Now that everyone seems to be "finger pointy happy", i'll take my shot at it. NOBODY has ever bought a fake gucci purse for their wife, a wallet on your trip to thailand, a fake rollex, a pair of sunglasses??
    I feel i need to explain this too.. before getting so jumpy on accusing people take a look at the same thing outside of your comfort zone. We are all protective of OUR work or anything that has to do with photography, but when we talk about other stuff, im interested in hearing what those same people have to say. (p.s. just so some of you don't have a fit, i don't buy sunglasses or fake rollexes.)
    It's amazing how easy it is to copy programs and do piracy, but how difficult it is to talk about it or find answers on the web.
    With that, i appreciate your input and will gladly post my FCE videos once i have saved enough money TO BUY THE PROGRAM.
  14. ( i know mac's don't get viruses).​
    This is not true. They are more resiliant, specifically os X asks you before it installs any programmes, but if you install an infected programme, then you will have an infected mac.
    See where I'm going here?
    As a student you can get a substantial discount on Final Cut Express. It's great value for money even at the regular retail price as it does around 80% of what Final Cut Pro does for a sixth of the price.
    If you download it then Apple don't make any money, if everybody did this then there would be no Final Cut.
    Take the hit and buy the heavily discounted education version of final cut express. It'll work well and not kill your mac.
    Otherwise you are asking for bother, invalidated warranty on your much more expensive mac book pro.
  15. Download to try, and then buy. It's not that expensive. If you can afford a Mac, you can afford FCE.
  16. I want to get right into final cut and not waist too much time on imovie, so ive been looking around.​
    Then it's safe to say,
    You don't have iMovie either.

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