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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dennis_chaves, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. I borrowed a Nikon N65 from a good buddy, unfortuneatly he's gone
    for a vacation, and didn't leave a manual. Now, i'm used to really
    old totally manual cameras like the Pentax K1000, so all these
    buttons options and what not are toally freaking me out. hahaha - it
    took me a half our just to figure out how to load it.

    anyway, I need a downloadable manual, anyone know where I can get
  2. I don't know whether any paysites have it, but I've never seen a free manual for the F65 - found plenty for N90s, F4 and the manual cameras.

    The command wheel at the back alters most settings. You usually have to press another button at the same time to cycle through options, like focus point(s) in autofocus, flash mode, exposure compensation (the +- button). In PSA, the command wheel on its own varies the aperture/shutter combination. In M, it varies the shutter speed, I think, and you have to hold down the button on the right of the LCD screen while you wheel through apertures.

    In PSA or the picture programme modes (macro, landscape, portrait, night, sports...), metering is set to matrix. In M, it's 60/40 centre-weighted.

    ISO is DX only, but the +- exp. comp. button and wheel will give +/- 2EV in 1/2EV increments. There's another button for autobracketing, can't remember what the dingbat on it is. M/A by the lens mount switches between manual focus and autofocus. Very few lenses let you adjust focus manually while in AF mode. (under "other autofocus" in the lh frame) will provide links to the F65. It might not tell you what all the buttons do, but it might tell you a bit more about the camera and make a bit more sense to you.

    Flash automatically pops up if needed in picture modes or green auto (=P with auto flash), but you can pop it shut again. Synch is 1/90.

    Do get back if you have a particular question.
  3. I have a copy of the owner's manual for the Nikon N65 in PDF format. If you need it let me know. (Hope this isn't a copyright violation.)
  4. The manual for the F65 is available at:

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