Down To Two Film Cannisters, Time To Post Some Photos

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by mountainvisions, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Well with my film cannister status dropping like a rock, despite a valiant attempt to increase my post status with nonsensical obfuscation, and a few rounds of sticks and stones with Lindy, I am still down to a mere two film cannisters prior to this post.
    Even Tom Maher's, "Give the worlds disadvantaged photographers a break and sell $1000 MF DLSRs" could not bring me up.
    With so little to talk about now that Pentax and Hoya merged, now that the roadmap is more than a fantasy, what the heck do we do on this forum to get more film cannisters.
    It's not like we are Canikon and can ponder just how low a FF DSLR will sell in the next 18 months, nope, thats not Pentax.
    And even with the best of intentions, how many more times can we debate the FA/DA Limited quality? Or if the 31mm is worth 3x the 35mm FA? In case you missed that, it's probably not 3x better, and if you like the FA 31s durability/build, just buy 2 FA35s and cross your fingers!!!
    Well, in 18 hours I start my 4th 3 day weekend in 6 weeks. Another week with one less day to increase my film cannister bling.
    So what can I do? Work more? Work less but spend more time posting? Spend less time away from home? Type all my replies as 1 sentence per reply? Maybe the site can design some sort of formular that accounts for post content, and size. Like a 500 word post is worth more than a 250 word post!!! However, if post content was measured, this post would actually reduce my canisters even more. Ouch!!!
    Anyway, a few shots from the last two weeks to tie this nonsense into a tangible post:
  2. Ha ha! I regained my third cannister today after the longest time of being two cannisters! Actually, I think the trip to the USA was the killer that shot me down to two, and the recent foray into film and associated questions and posts has shot me back up to three!

    Justin, in order to not sit here and cannister gaze, let me comment on your photos. I love that black and white. What film did you use?

    Ok, ok. Always wanted to say that.

    But it is great. The amazing darkness of the leaves really contrasts with the brightness of the flower.

    I also like the second shot a lot! Dream come true! Wish I were there.

    On a film note, I have just bought a roll of Velvia 50 asa. Going to try some portrait kind of shots on colleagues tomorrow. Should be fun.
  3. Huh Fredrik?
  4. What do you mean?
  5. Oh! - You're only ONE cannister!
  6. Look - I have THREE!
  7. I have tried...
  8. Fredrik's tactic too...
  9. Although I try...
  10. To be less obvious...
  11. About it most of the time...
  12. I've even considered...
  13. A 'Burma Shave' type thread...
  14. But decided "forget it"...
  15. And went back to bed!
  16. Love the first one Justin!
  17. Too funny.
  18. All of you.
  19. Now look at my 3 canisters and cry! :-D
  20. how do the canisters worK? ... Do they go down if I don't post as much as I used to? ... I don't mind being 2 canisters, not really. The importance is to make the message count for something - not to be thoughtless drivel to raise up one's numbers, but be more annoying than a pleasure to anyone. So in saying that... what exactly are the specks on the cannisters? is it done on weekly or monthly totals? if a person posts a lot one week and then disappears for a while - would the cannisters stay in the raised position? or revert back to "one" canister for inactivity? ...

    So, anyone know the scoop?
  21. what??? I only have one canister now???? when did that happen?
  22. This is so funny.
  23. Need to maintain my three film canisters.
  24. One has Tri-x
  25. One has Kodak Hi def film
  26. The other has my my Favorite 99 cents store film. :)
  27. Justin, I love the second image. The composition is ABSOLUTELY great. Frankly I would not have framed that image that way, so I thank you for sharing. :)
  28. By the way, three canisters means we have too much time on our hands. We should be out shooting instead of posting :)
  29. At least you people have cannisters. [grin]
  30. THIS is the funniest post I've read in a long time!
  31. No cannister.................yet sooooo happy to read all posts all day long.
  32. Wait wait...............make it soooooooooo haaaaapy :)
  33. Nice shots Justin. This is for Garry - Velvia 50 for portraits?
  34. I don't have even one canister any more (sniffle, sob, sniffle...). I used to but I guess it's a post it or lose it thing...(sob, sob) ... mines all gone... I feel so ... well inadequate.. but was embarrassed to talk about the shame of it all. I mean real men have canisters.. RIGHT? .. Maybe we need a no / low canister support group... But it's OK I just ordered some pills off a late night infomercial that promises to put the pop back in my canister again... So in just 30 short days I should have a perky showy canister again !
  35. Roger, you made me. [​IMG]
  36. Too bad they're not sensors... <br>
    Medium Format Sensors.
  37. Remember guys, a canister next to your name is worth two in the bush.
  38. Oooh, that must have hurt a few people Mis.. be nice :))))
  39. Thanks for the comments...I thought # 2 would be interesting the way I framed it going low and shooting up with the foreground in there, and #1 was a beautiful sight in person with the juxtaposition of texture of the lichen and flower, but the colors were bland and just didn't do it. Very disappointed.

    I figure if I need to alter the colors so much, might try black and white since the scene was fairly monotone anyway.
  40. Roger! ... You haven't posted any new pics, recently of your pup. :) How is he?
  41. BTW, #1 was shot at 1:2 macro, at f/22 with the DA35mm Limited. Accounting for DOF being so shallow, the spots that are perfectly in focus, are very sharp even magnified, but there is so much detail in there with the lichen it's hard to find the area in focus without going crazy.
  42. You know Rose, I was thinking the same thing last night when looking at some pics I shot of my dog from my boat (we took two boats last weekend, and it was the first time i saw my dog outside of the I know why we get so many comments, good looking dog!!)

    But I was thinking we hadn't seen anymore shots of Bogan in a while!!!
  43. Ahhh Shucks... y;all gonna make me blush... But happy to share a few pics of the new pup. He's 12 weeks old now, got his second puppy shots yesterday, great health and has gained 3lbs in 3 weeks. That's a lot but even more with you consider it's nealy a 40% weight gain. I still think he'l end up near 30lbs. He's is into EVERYTHING!. Climbs like a monkey and has figured out how to open cabinents and flip slide locks. Not sure how long I'm going to be able to hold onto the alpha role in the house. But we'll work it out. The short of it is generally well behaved, very smart and he's going to be a great dog... He makes me smile a lot and I'm getting lot's of great endorphins from him; some from the warm fuzzy petting and some from thw razor sharp teeth he's cutting! Thanks for asking and here are a few shots. BTW Justin... I really like number two... I have a buddy that packs a hammock and sack rather than a tent... Looking forward to when Bogan is big enough for some hiking. /Roger
  44. Someday I will be able to leave toilet paper on the roll again.... someday...
  45. Last one... even the most loyal models get tired of having their picture taken..
  46. Justin: I like #1 ..except that I think the flower looks like the main subject and it's a bit too high up.. needs a bit more breathing space at the top.
  47. As for #2.. That looks really good with the angle you shot it from. Nice!!
  48. Roger: He's absolutely adorable! And he already knows how to TP a house! I'm impressed.. LOL<br>
    Now that Mis has so succintly pointed out the cannister advantage.. I am only going to post one-liners!
  49. Very fine shots, once again, Justin!

    Sweet shots of Bogan, Roger- good thing Justin brought up the idea!

    .....and all this time I thought I have three canisters because I shoot a lot of film!!!
  50. That's one cute puppy!
  51. Does he clean up after himself?
  52. Hi Subho. Interesting shot. Share more details!
  53. Roger, Bogan looks content and stimulated. Very important things in a dog's life. Actually, come to think of it, important to us too!
  54. I have a complaint for you Doug S. I don't enjoy having to go through three stages of confirmation etc when I am posting so many single sentence responses. Can we have a "Low Cannister" speed confirmation process on the threads?
  55. Actually, my complaint is on behalf of all the cannister deprived unfortunates - because I have THREE AGAIN!
  56. There must be an easier way to get these thibgs other than trying to give helpful advice and share experiences.

    Can we buy these canisters on e-bay?
  57. Things, not thibgs.
  58. Hey.. explaining typos may just work.
  59. Hehehe If I take to explaining typos I'll be a three canisters next week :)
  60. Forget the cannisters: Justin has a 5-year ribbon!
  61. Caney was destructive from when I got him at 4 mos till about 9-10 mos. But it was never house stuff. He'd schred cans (yeah, metal/aluminum), foam floats for the pool. A detachable radio face (that I was no longer using).

    The most important thing he ruined was a pair of biking gloves.

    From 10-18 mos he occasionally dug. But from about 18mos on he's never so much as touched anything that wasn't his.

    Anyway, the first 12-18 mos the dog is an adolescent and border collies are far worse. So expect some destructiveness, keep him active and busy and you shouldn't have much problems. Caney is always happiest when he is super tired.
  62. typos, grammar, homonyms and syntax...if I corrected all of those, they'd have to create a 4 cannister icon!!!

    Good idea!!
  63. Oh, and Roger, the hammock is great for camping rather than a tent. They make a Hennessy hamock which is an integrated hammock and tent. I don't have one but I've seen them in action, and they are pretty nice.

    Cannot be used in weather colder than about 50F...without some serious sleeping bag and pad weight.

    Where it shines is summer camping in the mountains. Sometimes it's even hard to find a spot for a single man tent and 2 person can be impossible. But two trees are a bit easier on a hilly slope!!!
  64. And Roger, no more holding out...he is a cute little fellow. I'm curious to see how big he gets with the Jack Russell in him!!
  65. Justin, I'm guessing that first one is stunning larger, esp. if printed. You said 1:2 macro--how big (small) is that flower?
  66. Andrew,

    if you're still following, it is about 2 inches high I'd guess. These are very small wild flowers. The white stuff in the foreground is just a moss.

    It's cropped just to 8x10 without much extra taken off (actually probably no extra taken off).

    I shot this from ground level using my Ultrapod.
  67. Thanks for the info, Justin. As I said before, it looks nice.

    The last time I shot flowers a few weeks ago I was liking the 70mm 1:4 macro end of the A 35-70 f/4 even though I
    was also carrying the D-FA 100. These were roses so somewhat larger subjects. No good reason for it except that
    the working distance and manual focus seemed comfortable to me. All were hand-held. I'm not sure I would have
    wanted something as short as a 35mm lens for that. I haven't looked at the pictures closely enough yet to see
    how the results compared yet. I'll bet I don't like a single one of them as much as I like your shot though.

    I was just imagining that your subject might also have looked cool with a Lensbaby...(never used one though).

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