Double Rebates Question

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by wilvoeka, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know if both items need to be purchased at the same time(ie. Same
    reciept) to qulify for the Double Rebate? Or can I purchase items from two
    differant stores and get the double rebate?

    I was going to order a camera from B&H because thier price is so much lower
    than here in town, but purchase a 580 EX from a local camera shop where I have
    $200 in gift Certicates to use.

  2. Never mind. I just found the Canon Rebate FAQ.

    Anyone else wondering the answer is...

    The items do not need to be purchased on the same day or from same store. In fact you can mail the rebates in seperately and still get the double rebates.
  3. ...but you may have to spend time chasing the rebate company to get them to recognise the fact. Be sure to keeps copies of everything you send in, and to pre-qualify your rebate on the internet. Send in the claim for both items at the same time.

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