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  1. OK. I'll bite. Why is this in the Abstract category? The only thing I can think of is that the fact that it's out of focus could seem to be an abstraction, but I don't see this as an abstract photo even in the most liberal interpretation of "abstract" unless we consider that ALL photos can be viewed abstractly, which doesn't make them all abstract photos. Definitely would like to hear your thoughts.

    I just want to be clear and say that people are free to post whatever they like to whatever category they like (though I've seen cases where a moderator moves something to what they think is a more appropriate place). But I also think it's great for people to question the choices of others where appropriate, which might get a dialog going that gets us to think more and engage with each other more.
  2. Gary, I fully understand what you stated. I hesitated to post this image, but decided to do so to get feedback. I had previously increased the saturation of the dog collar in the hope this might carry the image.
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  4. Loki's-1st-snow-016 copy.JPG
    The quintessence of the Siberian Retriever​
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