Doesn't meet the rule of thirds

Discussion in 'Seeking Critique' started by 10999909, Feb 10, 2021.

  1. Just my thoughts looking at these picture. I prefer the second picture because it is geometrically more interesting to my eye, whereas the first photo, for me, is too balanced because of the two prominent tree trunks on either side. I guess I consider it too static and those trees are so strong they are IMO taking away emphasis from the path. Something from the foreground needs to lead the eye past the two trees, but I have trouble getting past them. Diagonals tend to do so more than straight on lines, or perhaps you might work with some burning and dodging to use the light for emphasis where you want it. If the trees were the subject, the other thing to consider is that even numbers of things evenly placed lack the dynamics of odd numbers, going back to where I started above.
  2. I like the first image more. I like the textures of the trees. There is a path in the center that leads the eye into the center. My only distraction overall is a dark branch in the upper right corner that distracts the eye a bit. That can be easily lightened.

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