Does the tree make a sound?

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  1. Michael said: If a man is alone in a forest, is he still wrong?

    The full quote is: If a man is alone in the forest and no woman hears him, is he still wrong? (Ken Robinson TED talk on creativity)
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  2. My father - a famous artist. He always says that if an artist does not show people his works, he does not have the right to be called an artist. During lifetime, Howard Lovecraft was putting his works in a drawer and only after his death were his works published. I think it's wrong to hide your talent.
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  4. Oh but trees do talk. And make other sounds.

    I took a photo (photo or picture, your call) recently and when I clicked the shutter, I heard someone behind me say to another person, "THAT is the best shutter sound you will ever hear". I guess there were people there after all. And a sound was made. Oh but not that the photo has ever been seen, I haven't had the roll of film developed yet.

    So really, that photo has been heard but not seen.

    Imagined, composed, and shot.

    But not seen.

    A shutter click rocketed into the uni-sphere, creating vibrations in a collective ear.
    The speed of light.
    The speed of sound.
    Physical motion.
    Precision engineering.
    Ancient technology.
    Aesthetic excellence.
    Chemical reactions.
    Electrical impulses.
    Vocal vibrations.
    Imaginations sparked.
    Interest piqued.
    Anticipation and angst.
    Results and ramifications.
    Internal and external.
    Conversations were had.
    Friendships cemented.
    Commonalities explored.
    A single shutter click with endless possibilities.

    "Does it make a sound?"
    Hmmm. What sort of sound, the sound of satisfaction, that of accomplishment? The sound of failure? Of hope? Of intent?

    Why does anyone do anything? Because they have to, want to, need to?
    Why indeed; then again, why not.
  5. Because we can! :)
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  6. On sound and visuals ...
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  7. It has been my experience that as I get older I had better take a photo to remind me a couple of years later. :)

    The problem is most times what we remember what we saw, is better than what we saw.

    To answer the OPs question, I take pictures of what I like, the sound stays in my head if no where else.
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  8. Good one!
    And sometimes what we create is as well!
  9. I’m still waiting on some creative type to come up with an original color......
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  12. I photograph therefore I am.
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  13. Another Descartes quote:
    And another reason to make photos. :)
  14. Why hide your photographs? Making an enlargement of your kids, framing it and giving it to their grandparents would thrill them. And you too. It doesn;t have to be an either or situation.

    You can have your cake and eat it too. (Some philosopher said that.) :)

  15. Do you mean "let them eat cake?"
  16. I have been showing a lot of my pictures on Flickr and some photo forums. I like sharing ideas, and promoting photography. I do not put up full resolution, but enough that others can enjoy the pictures. As well, I do state my copyrights. If not for Flickr and the internet, probably 5-10 people would occasionally see some of my work. That may or may not be a big deal, but I like the idea of a photography community ( that is why some of us join these forums).
  17. If you want to be a great photographer, you need to make images that appeal to you. And be ruthlessly critical of how well they please you. Otherwise, you'll just be learning to copy someone else.

    Then, maybe, others will find your images interesting.
  18. Taking photos, good photos, requires practice as everything else. You can keep it to yourself, but an outside perspective usually helps to find out what requires to be worked on. There are lots of sites where you can show your works, most of them are free. Why not then?
  19. Whether there is new color or not, I will say that Eggalston created a color palette photographically that was new in that genre.

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